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New: All Races, Perks and Professions – Sun Haven

Sun Haven is a new Farming Sim from Pixel Sprout Studios. Play in single player or multiplayer, play as one of seven races, each with their own perks. On top of that, choose one of ten starting professions!

In this article we’re having a look at Sun Haven’s races, perks and starting professions.


If you release an RPG these days, one has to be offered some race choices apart from the classic “human”. Here’s what they all are and what perks they’re coming along with to start your adventure.

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Resourceful and ambitious, Humans have worked to emerge as one of the most prominent races in the world. A legacy of defying the odds and overcoming every obstacle is the birth right of this industrious race. Humans carry the uncanny desire not just to meet expectations, but surpass them.

Begin the game with the passive skill: Expert Crafter. You are a natural leader in crafting and skilled labor, increasing the speed you and fellow players craft by 20%.

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Elves are one of the oldest races in the world and are mystically attuned to the flow of life energy around them. Friends to all plants and animals, they are most at home in forests. However, younger members of this race are now spreading out into the world and creating villages where Elves have never been seen before.

Begin the game with the passive skill: Elven Eyes. Your keen elven eyes detect every movement with peerless accuracy, increasing damage while wielding a crossbow by 10%.

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Cunning and resourceful, Demons are creatures of darkness. They thrive in the shadow of night and are driven by their appetite for strength. For what is life’s purpose if not to maintain power? This is the Demons’ creed.

Begin the game with the spell: Shadow Rush. It allows you to tap into your feral demonic ferocity to increase movement speed by 75% for 5 seconds.

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With grace unmatched, Angels are beacons of light in the darkest skies. They act as watchers of the world and chronicle the history of everything they see. While not every Angel holds to the exact same principles, whatever path they choose, they will walk with complete devotion.

Begin the game with the spell: Miracle. It allows you to call upon an angelic miracle to heal yourself and nearby players for 20 health.

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The origins of the Amari exist only as unfounded myth. What is known is that the Amari are strongly linked to their primal spirits, making them loyal allies who are in touch with the wilds of the world.

Begin the game with the passive skill: Primal Nature. Your animalistic instincts grant your attacks a small chance to restore health.

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The oldest of all races, Elementals exist as ethereal beings with bodies of whipping flame or flowing water. All that is known about them is that they are the result of nature’s chaotic elements mixed with strange and powerful magic. It is thought that the elementals alive today are the same that have existed for all time sice they seem to have no natural lifespan.

Begin the game with the spell: Elemental Tap. Your close ties to the natural elements allow you to restore 20 mana to yourself and nearby players.

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The Naga are a secretive race, living underground for generations to keep their culture unspoiled by outside influence. Because they have hid from the surface for so long, they have learned most everything about subterranean living. Survival is the keystone of their culture.

Begin the game with the passive skill: Mermaid’s Touch. Mermaids are naturally familiar with the habits of sea creatures, increasing the Sweet Spot while landing a fish by 25%.


The ten starting professions can be grouped into “Farming”, “Adventure”, “Crafting” and “Money”.


The FARMER starts with: 4x Tomato Seeds, 4x Potato Seeds, 4x Onion Seeds and 400 Coins

The ORCHARD FARMER starts with: 2x Apple Tree Seeds, 5x Apples, 5x Blueberries, 500 Coins

The RANCHER starts with: 1x Chicken, 1x Animal Name Tag, 10x Animal Food, 500 Coins

The ANGLER starts with: 1x Small Fishing Net, 4x Carp, 600 Coins


The EXPLORER starts with: 5x Bonus Speed Movement items, 8x Berries, 500 Coins

The SPELLCASTER starts with: 8x Bonus Mana items, 3x Bonus Spell Damage items, 600 Coins

The DUELIST starts with: 8x Bonus Health items, 3x Bonus Attack items, 600 Coins


The TOOL MASTER starts with: 1x Anvil, 7x Copper Bar, 500 Coins

The BAKER starts with: 1x Cooking Pot, 1x Baker’s Station, 6x Flour, 400 Coins


The ROYALTY IN YOUR LAST LIFE starts with: Crown (Yellow), 1000 Coins


As you can see, when you compare the perks with the starting professions, there are some that are more suited for farming then for adventuring. The most obvious one would be to pick a HUMAN for a crafting profession, or a NAGA as an ANGLER.
Whatever you fancy, in the end you will be able to enjoy everything the game offers. It’s just easier to start with something that you prefer doing.

Release: March 11th, 2023
Developer: Pixel Sprout Studios
Publisher: Pixel Sprout Studios
Official Website:
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