Uncork the Volcano – Terra Flora – Easy Story Quest Walkthrough

Here’s what you need to do in the Uncork the Volcano Story Quest at Terra Flora.


Don’t forget to run through the Mt. Spout Station Flag, before you continue on.
There is a purple tile you can use your wave ability on, where the purple vines are. You have to tap ZR various times for it to work. Then, you can enter the mountain.

Get rid of the purple vines.
Enter the mountain.

Inside, you can activate the MT. SPOUT ENTRANCE Flag and go up straight ahead. Follow the row of coins down to another bush of purple vines. The path is blocked. But there is a big stone block. Destroy it and you will see a yellow wave behind it. Use your scanner. There is an arrow pointing to the left!

Destroy the stone block with wave.
Then use your scanner.

Go scan some more to the left and a ladder appears. Climb up and down on the other side. Here, you can get rid of the purple vine by using the wave ability on the big purple tile. Like before, you have to tap various times.

Scan to reveal a ladder on the left.
There is a purple tile on the other side.

With the vines gone, you now get access to another purple tile that grows a bridge, when exposed to “Wave”. Cross over and down the ladder on the other side. The path up the other ladder is blocked but you can slide through the pipes on the right.

Grow a path from here.
Cross over and down the ladder. The pipe in the distance.

Coming out of the pipe, grow a bath again with the purple tile on the floor. Now you’ve built yourself a path to throw the egg onto the Darkmess Eye. But where is the egg? Walk down the path you’ve just made and you’ll see a wall with cracks. Destroy it and behind it is the egg. Now you can destroy the Darkmess Eye.

A path down again to the pipe.
Cracked wall ahead. The egg is behind it.

Now you can go up the ladder and destroy the purple vines with “Wave”. The path is now free and you can continue to press on. The path ahead is again blocked by purple vines but you can YELLOW SCAN for a bridge to its right.

After the Eye’s destruction, you can destroy the vines
There is a hidden bridge next to the vines.

Over the bridge is a big block that you can destroy. Behind it is a ladder. Climb it up and you are challenged with a barrier and two pressure plates. Green and Blue.

Destroy the block to the right.
Two pressure plates, one barrier?!

With the pressure plates in front of you, look to the left. There are two of these big bridge blocks that you could lower with the wave ability. But you can only see one of their waves. So you can only lower one for now. Yellow Scan the area next to the bridge block and there is a hidden yellow bridge. Scan it full and cross over. Now you can lower the second bridge block.

There is a Scanner Bridge next to the bridge blocks.
Drop down both bridge blocks.

With both bridge blocks down, you can now move the box for the pressure plate over. Put it on the blue one for now. Like that the first barrier drops and you can move on a bit. Here, climb up the only ladder and scan for another box. Drop it down the ledge. Go back down and move the second box onto the other pressure plate.

There is a ladder around the corner.
Climb it and scan for the box.

Both barriers are down and you can now get rid of the purple vines by using “Wave” on the purple tile behind the green barrier. Follow the coins, up the pipe. Activate the Depths of Mt. Spout Flag at the top. The coins show the way past the Robot Shop, up the ladder.

Get rid of the vines and…
… you can now reach the pipe.

Continue to follow the path until you reach the ladder and another Darkmess Puddle to fight. The METALHEADS.

Follow the path down.
To the ladder and the Darkmess Puddle.


After the fight with the METALHEADS, get rid of the vines in front of you. Use “wave” on the purple wave tile.
Then, go down the ladder and grow a round bridge to the other side.

Destroy the vines…
…and build a bridge.

Follow the path of the coins to an area with small water fountains. There are also a couple of stones (plug stones) with yellow lines lying around. You can drop one of those stones onto a fountain to stop it. The goal is, to plug all water fountains (holes), so the pressure will free our further path.

Fountain Puzzle area
Plug stone!

First, go up the ladder to the right. There is a block you can destroy with wave and there is another fountain underneath!
Take the ladder on the other side down. There is a box for a pressure plate, a plug stone and a wave block that you can move up and down. Lower the wave block with your wave ability and put the box and the plug stone on top of it. Then raise the wave block again.

A fountain inside
Plug stone to the right, box in the centre, wave block left.

Lower the wave block with your wave ability and put the box and the plug stone on top of it. Then raise the wave block again.
Pull the box past the fountain and drop it down the ledge, the plug stone goes onto the fountain.

Move everything on top of the “elevator”.
Move the box over the edge, the stone on the fountain.

Now plug the fountain at the bottom of these ladders with the box. Take the stone with you and plug one of the free standing fountains without a “box path”.

Moving the box on the fountain right away, first the plug stone…
… onto a fountain.

Time to go to the ladders on the other side. Go up the hill where the highest ladder is and walk around the hill – don’t go up the ladder yet. Destroy the block at the back. There is a plug stone behind it. Take it and put it on one of the fountains that don’t have paths for boxes to be moved.

What’s behind the mountain with the ladder?
… a plug stone behind a destructible block!

Now you can go up the ladder of the previous screenshot! Once at the top, slide down, pick up the plug stone and drop it onto the movable block.

Slide down to get the plug stone.
Drop it onto the movable block.

Drop the ladder down, climb down and move the block to the the right (wave ability). Now go up the last ladder you haven’t used yet. Move the box past the fountain towards the movable block. The box needs to go onto the block later. Now you can plug the fountain up here with the plug stone we’ve just brought over. Put the box onto the movable block, go down and move the block to the left again.

Plug the fountain with the stone.
Move the box onto the movable block.

Climb up the ladder and move the box on top of the last fountain. Let it drop down onto it. The big stone blocking the path blows up and we can continue on to fight the Darkmess Tentacle SPOUT FORTH, where you have to destroy the Darkmess Damn. Just throw those vials onto the black dams! Pulser the Spark will join after the fight.

Go back up and move the box…
… on top of the last fountain.

This will finish the Story Quest at Terra Flora.

Release: October 20th, 2022
Developer: Ubisoft Milan and Paris
Publisher: Ubisoft
Official Website: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/game/mario-rabbids/sparks-of-hope
Guides by camzillasmom.

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