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Sullivan’s Despair – Easy Side Quest Walkthrough

The “Sullican’s Despair” Side Quest starts at the higher area of Terra Flora, the Mt. Spout Station. Here’s what you need to do to get rid of the Darkmess Vines and receive 1) Oozer Master Spark, 2) A Different Appreciation Memory.

Quest start
Sullivan in front of a ladder.


Sullivan stood in front of the ladder you need to climb to start the quest. Get up there and enter the green pipe.
At the other side, enter the cannon and after arrival, grow a bridge by using the WAVE ability (ZR) on the big purple tile on the floor. Remember you have to tap ZR multiple times for it to work.

Enter the cannon…
…and grow a bridge on the other side.

Cross over and slide down a ramp. Don’t worry, you’re not at a dead end. Use your yellow scanner to detect a yellow bridge. Cross over to a white pipe and use it.

Scan for a bridge…
…and use the pipe on the other side.

Up here are two purple tiles. The right one is stabilising the bridges all over. So we have to come back to this one. And the other one is growing a bridge down to the other island. Use them both with the WAVE ability – there is a bridge we have to take soon that needs stabilising – the bridge over to the first Darkmess Thorn. So we don’t have to come back for now.

Use the purple bridge stabiliser tile…
…and then grow a bridge with the other one.

Now we can cross the purple bridge over to the Darkmess Thorn and destroy it by using the purple WAVE ability (ZR) multiple times on the WAVE tile.

Cross the purple bridge…
…and destroy the first Darkmess Thorn.


The first Darkmess Thorn is destroyed. Now for the second one, climb the ladder to the right. Up there, grow another bridge with your WAVE ability.

Next climb the ladder to the right.
Grow another bridge up there.

There are two cannons on the other side of this grown bridge. One is blocked and requires the yellow circle key. So, use the other cannon. Aw! The purple bridge up here needs to be stabilised so we can cross! There is another bridge that you can grow on the other side. Do it!

Enter the cannon.
Alright, another bridge, then!

Cross this new bridge! Now you’re back at the bridge stabilising tile from before. Use WAVE on it to stabilise the other bridge. Go back the same bridge you came from and you can now cross the purple bridge to the Darkmess Thorn. Destroy it with your purple WAVE ability.

Use the bridge stabiliser again!
Now you can remove the second Darkmess Thorn


The second Darkmess Thorn is destroyed and you can now pick up the yellow round key that will unblock the clogged cannon. Do so and jump down the ledge to cross over to said cannon.

Pick up the round key.
Get down to the clogged cannon.

The device for unlocking the cannon is just below it. Go down there, put in the round key and enter the cannon.

The Key Device just underneath the clogged cannon.
Cannon is free to use.

On the other side, use the bridge stabiliser purple tile with WAVE and cross the only stable purple bridge. On the other side of the bridge, scan the yellow wave sign on the rock with your yellow scanner and you should find a yellow bridge. Cross it and on the other side also cross the purple bridge.

Another bridge stabiliser to use.
Discover the yellow bridge.

Use WAVE to remove the third Darkness Thorn, then use the cannon to go defeat the Darkmess Puddle!
At the end of the fight you’ll get the Oozer Master Spark and the “A different Appreciation” memory.

The last Darkmess Thorn…
…and finally the Darkmess Puddle fight!

Release: October 20th, 2022
Developer: Ubisoft Milan and Paris
Publisher: Ubisoft
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom.