Off-Color – Palette Prime – Story Quest Walkthrough

Here’s what you need to do in the Off-Color Story Quest at Palette Prime.


The Spellbound Woods are in the north west of the map, where the big tree is.
Fight the big Puddle at the entrance. It’s called “A Ghostly Sunset”. If you win, you get a Spark called “Zephyrquake”.

Spellbound Woods on the map.
In the dark, north western area.


Enter the Forest and you will see a big Darkmess barrier right in front of the Fast Travel Flag. There are also yellow footsteps.
Use the yellow Scan Power to follow the footsteps to a ladder. Climb it up.

Follow the footsteps…
… to a ladder.

There’s an egg up there! Dash it, pick it up and throw it onto the Darkmess Eye.

Pick up the egg…
… and throw it!

Now you can go down and activate the Spellbound Woods Entrance Flag Fast Travel Point.
Follow the only path possible to the left where a big block of stone with a yellow swirl is blocking your way. Use the yellow Scan Power and the swirl changes into arrows pointing to the left. There is a white pipe hidden there. Go through it!

The arrows pointing left.
Sliding time!

On the other side there is a another white pipe and golden footsteps. The Footsteps lead to a ladder and the locked pipe that needs 24 Sparks to unlock. So that’s for later! Let’s take the pipe now. Once out, notice the weird floor. There must be a movable box somewhere! So let’s use the yellow Scan Power to unveil it!

Take the white pipe to the right.
Once out, scan for the movable box.

Move the box to the edge and push it down. Go down using the ladder to get the box onto the green pressure plate.
Now the barrier is gone and you can pass.

Push the box down.
Onto the pressure plate.


There is a beautiful pond and unfortunately a Darkmess Eye to the right. You can discover a ladder to the right that leads up to a blue pipe, the Blue Coin challenge. But for this Story Quest, go around the pond to the left.

The Eye and the coins leading to it.
There is a hidden ladder to the right.

There is a white pipe and – note for later – a blue triangle device. Go up the pipe. There is an egg there! Dash it, pick it up and use it to destroy the Darkmess Eye.

Use the pipe to go up.
Dash and pick up the egg, destroy the Darkmess Eye.

Now the path is open and you can fight the “Forest Rush” Darkmess Puddle at the end of it.
Then, follow the path up to the Abandoned Well and the Teleport Flag with the same name.


Jump down the well, walk past the Robot Shop and use the pipe to slide further down.

Jump down the well.
… and take the pipe down.

Where you come out of the pipe, use the yellow Scan Power to reveal a ladder down. Take it.
There’s an Egg down hear. Use it to destroy the Darkmess Egg not far away.

A hidden ladder just next to the pipe.
Destroy the Darkmess Eye.

Pick up the green triangle next to the green barrier and use the white pipe back up. With the yellow Scan Power, where the row of coins is, reveal a bridge to the green triangle device.

Pick up the green triangle where the eye was.
Carry it up to the green device.

Now, down again with the white pipe, you can now go through where the green barrier was. Use the ladder to climb further down and follow the wooden path until you reach a chasm that you can cross with the yellow Scan Power.

Climb down the ladder.
Use the Scan Power at the chasm.

You’ve reached a barrier with a device that requires a yellow cube. Use the white pipe.
At the other side, see the coin circle? The yellow cube is inside. The Scan Power will help!
Pick up the yellow cube and put it inside the device at the other end of the white pipe.

The device needs a yellow cube.
At the other side of the pipe.

Continue your way down the well. You’ll find the “Roots of Corruption” at the bottom. Fight it.

In the battle, you have to first shoot all eyes that block the elevator – in the same round. That stays the same principle: You have to shoot all three eyes in the same round for the goo in the centre to disappear.

After the fight, you have finished the quest and Electrogeddon joins the team.

Release: October 20th, 2022
Developer: Ubisoft Milan and Paris
Publisher: Ubisoft
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom.

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