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100%: Outmanned But Not Out-Gunganed

Get a 100% completion at Episode 1: Outmanned But Not Out-Gungan-ed with all Minikits and Challenges collected!

How to get the Kyber Bricks – 6

1 – 3 Bricks

Collect enough small LEGO studs in the playthrough to fill all the bars at the top of the screen and reach “True Jedi” (the white, the blue and the purple bar).
Make sure to smash everything you can to collect them. You can also go back to already picked up Minikits. They all have a purple stud now in their place. This will boost you towards the “True Jedi” achievement!

4 – 6 Bricks

Complete the Story, collect all Minikits and complete all Challenges. You’ll get a brick each as reward.

How to get the Minikits – 5

If you are struggling after the written text, watch my video below. It’s commented and explains the Minikits one after the other.
Minikits video start time: 10:14 or follow this link.

1 – Probe Droid-Palooza

There are 5 black, round droids flying around outside the force field. Shoot them down to get the Minikit.

2 – Shiny

At the north east of the catapult area is a pile with gold. Get the Bounty Hunter out and shoot at the gold.

3 – Not the Catapult We’re Looking For

In the center north part of the catapult grounds at the beginning is a silver box you can blow up with a grenade. Switch to a villain. – The Minikit is inside.

4 – Bombad Statue

In the center part of the catapult area at the beginning is a table with 4 green pieces lying around. Switch to a Jedi and use the force to put the pieces together on the table. First, put the big cylindric base on it, then the flat middle piece, followed by the mask and the big round one at the end. You get the Minikit pieces that you can put together.

5 – Safely Guarded

In the north west of the catapult area in the beginning is a box with a cracked wall. Switch to a Scavenger and get your Breaker-Blaster out. Shoot at the cracked wall and put the Minikit pieces together.

How to do the Challenges – 3

If you are struggling after the written text, watch my video below. It’s commented and explains the challenges one after the other.
Challenges video start time:  12:10 or follow this link.

1 – Booma Shakalaka!

“Destroy all AAT-1 Hover Tanks”
This is in the part where you are taking over the catapult and you see the army walk towards your shield.
Shoot all big vehicles with your catapult.

2 – Don’t Lose Your Head!

“Shoot the heads off 3 battle droids”
This is tricky. Use a blaster and shoot off the heads of the droids. I heard from cases, where people had to deactivate blaster upgrades for this to work.

3 – Ouch Time!

“Destroy 300 battle droids with a single booma.”
While commanding the catapult and shooting at the army, try to think ahead. The impact of the booma is slightly delayed because it has to fly there and that takes a bit time.

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