Easy Guide for all Collectibles on Pasaana! 100% Planet!

The easy Guide for all Collectibles on Pasaana! Here’s everything to achieve 100% of the Space and Planet.

All subsections are alphabetically ordered by the Mission Name in the Holographic Menu. If you are looking for a specific mission, check their Mission Name in your Holographic Menu.
Space is at the start of the guide, followed by the Forbidden Valley.

Here’s the fast access:

Pasaana Space
Forbidden Valley
Side Missions

Space – All Collectibles

Kyber Brick Comet

The Kyber Brick Comet is flying in Pasaana’s orbit. Shoot it down, grants 5 Kyber Bricks.

Kyber Brick Comet

Doom and Boom – Side Mission

Talk to the Doomsayer Droid in Pasaana’s Orbit.

The Doomsayer Droid flying in front of the ship.

Fly to the location of the mission markers and fight the attackers.
Fly back and talk to the droid.
Reward: Stormtrooper (First Order)

Scramble Run: Pasaana

Fly to the blue round circle with the flag in space and win Gold in the Scramble Run.
I thought this one was difficult. Avoid the yellow speed rings. Instead, do the course a couple of times and learn how to align the best. Then you can do it within the time.
Reward: Aftab Ackbar – Character

Forbidden Valley – All Collectibles

The Forbidden Valley has 2 Ships, 3 Characters and 28 Kyber Brick Collectibles. They are either rewards for Side Missions, Puzzles, Trials or Challenges.

Some of them are locked and need to be unlocked by another Mission. Either on the same planet or on another planet. Please check your Holographic Menu / Holoprojector.

All Side Missions – 100%

Alphabetically by Side Mission Name
It’s easy to find the location of the mission giver, when you select the Side Mission in the Holo menu.

Don’t Tread on Me

Talk to Kalo’ne at the Pasaana Plains. You have to take a Taxi to get there.
He’s inside a broken transporter.

The Mission-giver on the map

Stay with the transporter and fight the attackers.

Reward: Sith Jet Trooper – Character

Pasaana Party Pooper

Talk to the Dismayed Dancer at the Festival of the Ancestors.

The Mission-giver on the map
Dismayed Dancer

Go to the red circle and talk to two people with the green bubble.
Then you get a new mission marker high up in the east.
You will get to a closed cave and you can talk to the person behind the gate.
He’ll open the hatch and now you can Mind-Trick -> Influence him with a Jedi or Dark Force character.
Pull the lever and open the door and talk to the Trooper.
Chase him and shoot him down. Then go down to the Dismayed Dancer.

Reward: Kyber Brick

Sifting on Pasaana Nights

Talk to the Pasaana Farmer at Pasaana Plains, Ikledu Wastes. Take the Taxi there.

The Mission-giver on the map
Pasaana Farmer

You now need to collect vaporator parts on two planets.

Fly to Jakku – Tuanul Village
Inside the red circle, talk to the person with the green bubble. He talks about a storehouse.
That’s where you need to destroy the crates:

Vaporator Parts in Tuanul Village

Fly to Tatooine – Jundland Wastes
Talk to the Jawa in the red circle. He’ll point you to Lars’ Homestead. Destroy the black and white antennas on the surface. Around the settlement hole.

Travel to Mos Eisley
Talk to the people in the red circle. You can buy the parts inside the red circle.

Return to the Pasaana Farmer.

Reward: Stormtrooper (First Order – Driver) – Character, 1 Kyber Brick

Them’s Kitin’ Words!

Talk to the Kite Kid at the Festival of the Ancestors.

The Mission-giver on the map
Kite Kid

Use a Scavenger’s Glider to complete the kite race. Start is up on the mountain.

Reward: Nambi Ghima – Character

All Puzzles – 100%

Alphabetically by Puzzle Name
It’s easy to find the location of the puzzle, when you select it in the Holo menu.

Be the Kite!

Glide over from the Kite Race point from the “Them’s Kitin Words!” Side Mission above. There is a Kyber Brick hovering in the air.

Breaking through the Bedrock

There is a cave with a cracked wall entrance near the Landing Pad. Use a Scavenger’s Breaker Blaster to enter it.

Burrow Bounty

This Kyber Brick is at Pasaana Plains. Take a Taxi to get there.
Then enter the Vexis Cave.
In the part, where you can hop over a big spine to cross a gap, there is a rock high up you can destroy. There is an orange bar underneath.
Grapple up with a Bounty Hunter or Hero.

The well hidden climbing bar high up.

Covert Cliff Side

There are some orange bars at the side of the cliffs in the south west of Pasaana Plains, Shifting Mires.
Use them to climb down to the Kyber Brick.

Drop Dead Gonkgeous

Talk to the pink Pageant Host droid. He needs you to send the correct Gonk down the runway. Use the terminal with C-3PO and pick the correct Gonk.


Switch to a Jedi or Dark Force and Force-Lift the Gonk you’d like to win on top of the locked Kyber Brick. That’s the podium!

Electrosifter Gift

First of all, parkour over the dark sand to get to the south east of the Pasaana Plains, Shifting Mires. Repair the twirl pole with a Jedi or Dark Force by Force-lifting up the pole in the dark sand into the pole slot. You have to repair two twirls.
You can then go to the “Electrosifter”. There is a Kyber Brick at the top of it. Build a staircase with two blocks in the area with a Jedi or Dark Force.
Now you can jump up and get the Brick.

The finished staircase to go reach the Kyber Brick.

First Ordnance

In the same area as the Electrosifter Gift, there are 10 red glowing boxes to destroy. They are all marked with a blue circle on the map.

Gleaming Gravel

In the center of the map there is a Kyber Brick buried underneath some rocks up on a mountain. Destroy the rocks to get the Brick.

Glide of Faith

From the point of the Burrow Bounty Kyber Brick you can use a Scavenger’s Glider to get to the Brick on top of the rocky pillar inside the Vexis Cave.

Use the Gilder!

Groovy Grotto Gripes

In the north west of the Forbidden Valley is the Groovy Grotto. Build a staircase with a Jedi or Dark Force character so you can reach the DJ’s at the back.
There are 4 buttons and a pink riddle at the center. The Pink energy needs to flow to all cables. The buttons are colored so are the parts of the riddle. Press the buttons to solve the power puzzle.

The puzzle is at the back.

Hidden in Plain Sight

At Pasaana Plains – Lurch Canyon, there is a cave high up that you can reach with a Scavenger’s Net Launcher.

Get the Net Launcher ready!

Mineral Miracle

The Kyber Brick is just buried underneath a pile of rocks at Pasaana Plains, Ikledu. Destroy the rocks and get the Brick.


Up on a hill At Pasaana Plains – Ikledu Wastes, there is a box you can’t open. But there is a Silver Box next to it that you can destroy with a grenade from a Villain. With the parts you can build an orange plug so you can pull open the other box with a Hero or a Bounty Hunter.
Reward: Ghost – Ship

Pasaana Pantomime

In the Forbidden Valley at the Nursery, talk to the teacher. You need to move the puppets around like this.
First put the puppets in order. There is one lying in the sand, put it back onto the one empty stand.
The puppets to the left only go into the slots to the left and the ones to the right only onto the right slot on stage.

“A Jedi Knight named Bye-Gon Jim met the yound Panakin Skytalker”
The Jedi to the left, young Skytalker to the right.
Then talk to the teacher.

That’s the puppets you need for part 1 of the play.

“grown-up, moody Panakin and Dopi Wan”
Part two of the Play. Obi-Wan to the left, Anakin to the right.

That’s the puppets you need for part 2 of the play.

Last part of the play. Luke and Darth Vader.

That’s the puppets you need for part 3 of the play.

Pinpoint Peaks

At Jamtareen Mountains View, Forbidden Valley, there is a locked Kyber Brick Box that you can climb up to. At the top, shoot 4 targets in time. Here they are:

#1 To the west.
#2 North, looking down.
#3 North, looking up.
#4 East in the distance.

Prize and Precipice

At the Landing Pad there are two frames for the Scavenger’s Net Launcher. Shoot those nets and climb up with a Bounty Hunter. There is a golden box at the top.

Secret Sunken Sandy Silver

There is a silver treasure trunk at Pasaana Plains – Vexis Cave. Destroy everything around it, then blow it up with a Villain’s grenade.

Soaring Over the Sands

At Pasaana Plains – Lurch Canyon, there is a Kyber Brick high up in the air. You can climb up on the side where the trampoline is. There are two orange climbing bars to the top. There is a platform for a Scavenger to glide over. Do so to get the Brick.

Up to the gliding platform.

Some Disassembly Required

In a cave north of the Festival of the Ancestors is a locked Kyber Brick with 4 buttons around. You have to push them at the same time. Use 2 protocol droids that you can break apart to get four parts.

Speedy Sweets

At the Festival of the Ancestors in the west of the map, there is a person with a Kyber Brick Symbol underneath a tent.
Talk to the people at the tables and give them the right food.
The Hoth Ice Tea is lying in the sand in the south. There is a pink/purple symbol on the map.
The Aki-Cake is on the other table.
The Wookiee Cookie is locked up in the south east. Talk to the man and buy it.

The Wookiee Cookie


At the Festival of the Ancestors is a Kyber Brick hovering high up underneath a tent.
Stack those boxes with a Jedi or Dark Force character to get to it.

That Sinking Feeling

In the same area as the Electro Sifter Gift Kyber Brick above, there is a Imperial Transporter. Open it with a Villain by using the Red Terminal.
Reward: Kylo Ren’s TIE Whisper – Ship

The Rise of the Kyber Swiper

Talk to the Kyber Swiper at the Vexis Cave, Pasaana Plains. He’ll run away. Chase and defeat him to get the Kyber Brick.

Tower Top

Grapple up the tower with a Hero or Bounty Hunter to get to the Kyber Brick.

Valley Crossing

At Paseena Plains, Ikledu Wastes, you can climb up to the mountain to use a Zipline to get to the Kyber Brick.

Climb to the left to reach the zipline.

Very Vexing

There’s a locked Kyber Brick at the Vexis Cave, Pasaana Plains.
Opposite of it is an orange grapple bar high up. Use it with a Hero or Bounty Hunter.
Up there is a lever. Pull it and the door opens.

The orange grapple bar in the dark.

Welcome to Pasaana!

Climb up the mountain near the Landing Pad and use the Scavenger’s Glider to get to the Kyber Brick on the other side.
If you don’t know where you should climb up to. Look for studs on the mountain. They lead the way.

Mountain climb spot.

All Trials – 100%

Alphabetically by Trial Name
It’s easy to find the location of the Trial, when you select it in the Holo menu.

A Powdery Performance

Shoot 1200 points at the Shooting Gallery to get Gold.

All Challenges – 100%

Alphabetically by Challenge Name
It’s easy to find the location of the Challenge, when you select it in the Holo menu.

Where’s the Wookiee?

The Wookiee is on top of a tent. Use the nearby trampoline tent to get to him.

Wookiee location on the map
The Wookiee on the tent.

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