Easy Guide for all Collectibles on Exegol! 100% Planet!

The easy Guide for all Collectibles on Exegol! Here’s everything to achieve 100% of the Space and Planet.

All subsections are alphabetically ordered by the Mission Name in the Holographic Menu. If you are looking for a specific mission, check their Mission Name in your Holographic Menu.
Space is at the start of the guide, followed by the Sith Citadel.

Here’s the fast access:

Exegol Space
Sith Citadel
Side Missions

Space – All Collectibles

Kyber Brick Comet

The Kyber Brick Comet is flying in Exegor’s orbit. Shoot it down, grants 5 Kyber Bricks.

Kyber Brick Comet

The Brave Little Astromech to the Rescue – Side Mission

Talk to the Daring Droid in the Orbit of Exegol.

Daring Droid Location

Follow the droid in space and defeat the attackers. Talk to the Resistance Pilot afterwards.
Return to the Droid (Yellow Star Symbol).

Reward: TIE Fighter Pilot – Character

Scramble Run: Exegol – Trial

Achieve Gold in Exegol’s Scramble Run (the circle with the flag in space).
Reward: Mister Bones

Exegol – All Collectibles

The Sith Citadel has 1 Datacard, 2 Ships, 6 Characters and 21 Kyber Brick Collectibles. Except for the Datacard, they are either rewards for Side Missions, Puzzles, Trials or Challenges.

Some of them are locked and need to be unlocked by another Mission. Either on the same planet or on another planet. Please check your Holographic Menu / Holoprojector.


The Datacard is one level down from the landing pad. There is an elevator platform you can take down.
Then, follow the corridor inside until you reach a bigger room with a staircase up to the right and left. Take that staircase up to the right. Look up to the other side and you will see the Datacard on top of black pipes.
At the other side of these long pipes, where you should stand now, is a wire you can climb up to get on top of the pipes!
Then you can walk it all the way to the Datacard to pick it up.

Datacard access point – map
Climb up the wire to get to the Datacard

All Side Missions – 100%

Alphabetically by Side Mission Name
It’s easy to find the location of the mission giver, when you select the Side Mission in the Holo menu.

Attack of the Clones (Again)

Talk to Sith Scientist at the big staircase on second level.

The Mission-giver on the map
Sith Scientist

Search and defeat the 5 Snoke clones in the Citadel.
The mission marker will guide you to them.
Best to fight the first four with a lightsabre and the last one with a blaster.

Reward: Sith Acolyte – Character

Emperor Rememberer

Talk to Palpatine Fan at the top of the big staircase on second level.

The Mission-giver on the map
Palpatine Fan

Travel to Coruscant – Federal District
Take the Taxi to Coruscant Senate Building.
The memento is in Palpatine’s Office in the desk. Destroy the desk to get the memento.

Travel to Kef Bir – Crash Site
Ride the Sea Skiff to the Death Star II Ruins.
Follow the marker to the top floor, the Security Room. You will have to pull, grapple and climb a lot.
When you’re there, use a Jedi or Dark Force to move the box on the other side of the shield on top of the button.
It will reveal a Red Terminal. Use that with a Villain. You can now pick up the memento.

Travel to Naboo – Theed
Go to the mission marker and talk to the woman with the green bubble.
She’ll tell you that all of Palpatine’s stuff landed in the river.
Go down to the river and destroy everything on the river bank to collect this memento.

Then return to the Palpatine Fan.

Reward: Pryde – Character, 1 Kyber Brick

Knights of Gonk

Talk to Gonkatine at the big staircase on second level.

The Mission-giver on the map

Travel to Jakku – Niima Outpost
Go down to the settlement. There is a light blue Gonk going wild. Attack it then talk to it.

Travel to Cantonica – Canto Bight
Follow the mission marker to a red circle. There are two bubbles. A man underneath a bridge and a Gonk on the bridge.
Use a Jedi to build a staircase up with the available blocks. There is even a socket for the blocks you can start building at.
Climb up and talk to the Gonk.

Travel to Tatooine – Mos Espa
Follow the mission marker until you reach the red circle.
As before, talk to the people with the green bubble.
In the next circle is a man and a black Gonk inside a power socket. Talk to the man.
Switch to a Jedi or Dark Force and Force-Move the Gonk out of the socket. Then talk to Gonk.

Return to Gonkatine.

Reward: Gonkatine – Character, 1 Kyber Brick

Sith Training Sabotage

Talk to Ash-Ke near the big staircase on second level.

The Mission-giver on the map

Follow the mission marker to Gar-Ee. Talk to and fight him.

Reward: Sovereign Protector – Character

Snoke Patrol

Talk to Stranded Pilot at the Hangar.

The Mission-giver on the map
Stranded Pilot

Follow the Stranded Pilot to the landing pad and fight attackers on the way.

Reward: C’ai Threnalli – Character

All Puzzles – 100%

Alphabetically by Puzzle Name
It’s easy to find the location of the puzzle, when you select it in the Holo menu.

Arena Rescue

At the lowest level of Exegol, near the Throne Room, use a Jedi or Dark Force character to climb up the wall with your lightsabre to get to the silver trunk. Then throw a grenade with a Villain.

Climbing up the wall with the Lightsabre.


At the big staircase on the second level is a build-a-Snoke machine. You can see on the left, what Snoke looks like (see screenshot arrow).
Push the button until the built fits the picture.

Build Snoke!

Crystal Corruption

In one of the upper rooms of the big staircase of the second floor, there is a Kyber Brick behind a Star Destroyer Poster. But there is also an crystal with a pyramid shape that can be moved by a Jedi or Dark Force character. Carry it to the device with the black clamps at the top. It is essential for the Crystal Corruption Puzzle.

Now the device is sending out a beam to the next crystal. Turn the crystal up or down so the beam hits it. There are three crystals that have to transport the beam to the Kyber Brick at the bottom.

Moving the crystal to its place.

Dark Descent

Climb down the ledge to get the Kyber Brick.

Darkest Depths

You can jump down even further at the lowest level of the Sith Cytadel. At the last bit, you have to use the Scavenger’s Glider.
If you are too lazy to climb all the way up again, you can fast travel to Space and back to the Sith Cytadel.

Docking Bay Desperado

At the Hangar there is a locked Kyber Brick. With it in your back look towards the exit and staircases / platforms. There are three targets to the left of the exit and three targets to the right. Shoot them before time is running out.

Exegol Excavator

Look down the abyss and you see that there is a narrow platform with orange bars to climb back up. Descend down to a wall that can be cut open by a Jedi or Dark Force Character to get the Kyber Brick.

Get down there!


At the Hangar’s top level there is a golden box you can shoot with the Bounty Hunter to open it.

High Sith-curity

At the big staircase on the second floor there is a room locked with a red barrier. Notice that there is a cable going from the door to the upper floor. There is a slot for an energy cell.
Open up your map and you will spot the energy cell as pink icon opposite the barrier room. Destroy everything in the room – apart from the Astromech droid – and you can see the energy cell. Pick it up and put it into the slot above the barrier room.
Now the Red Terminal outside that room has power again. Use it with a Villain to turn off the red barrier to get the Kyber Brick.

Follow the cable to the Energy Cell Slot.

In Bad Hands

The Kyber Brick is in the hands of the center statue at the elevator. Take the elevator up and jump over just as it passes the hands.

Lightning Reflexes

At the top level there is an area not far from the Landing Pad, where lightning strikes continuously. Go through it but avoid the red circles to get the Kyber Brick.

Reward Among the Wreck

Near the Landing Pad, there is a wreck you can climb. Go up to the second level, where the boxes are with the red light. Destroy them and build another orange climbing bar. Now you can climb all the way to the top.
Reward: Night Buzzard – Ship

Climb the wreck

Seat of Power

Go to the Throne Room on second level. There is a Brick in Palpatine’s former “seat”.
Switch to a Jedi or Dark Force Character. You have to repair the Throne with four pieces scattered around it. Force-Lift them up and put them in the right place.

Climb the wreck

Sith Secrets

In one of the upper floor rooms at the stair case of level 2 there is a Kyber Brick behind a Star Destroyer Poster. Shoot the poster to get the Brick.

Statues, No Limitations

There is a scaffolding tower near the staircase at the second level. It starts with an orange grappling bar and a frame for a Net Launcher net. So shoot a net with a Scavenger’s Net Launcher and climb on top.
When at the top, there are two blocks to build a staircase. First, look around for two platforms that fit into the slots on the wall to the right. You can move those with the Force. Put one platform into the slot and build a staircase. Now you can jump to the next tower. There are now two slots on the wall. Re-use the platform you just took to cross over and put the other platform in the other slot. Now you can go get the Kyber Brick.

The tower to climb with one of the platforms below.

Switching Sides

At the east of a hangar there is a big red button that controls a red and a blue platform. Press it once so the red platform is out and the blue one is in. Jump onto the red platform and from there onto the ladder.
Switch to your other character and press the button again. Switch to your character on the ladder and jump onto the blue platform. From here, jump onto the next ladder.
Again, switch to the other character, press the button. Switch to the character on the ladder and jump onto the red platform. Then again on the ladder and on the top, on the blue platform, is the Kyber Brick.

Switch to press the platform button.

Tunnel Troubles

In the corridors that lead to the hangar are a couple of shafts for small droids or half a C-3PO. When you go inside you will see a locked up Kyber Brick and a cable that leads away from it. Follow the cable away from the Brick and you will get to a shaft that is blocked by a rock. Destroy the rock and you will see a button. Push it with the droid and go back to get the Kyber Brick.

Unnatural Agilities

In the Throne Room, there is another Kyber Brick in a statue’s hands high up. With a lot of climbing involved around it! Use a Jedi or a Dark Force character for this, since it involves twirling on poles and moving things with the Force.
Start by building a staircase to the first platform. There is a “dock” for the blocks you can use with the Jedi or Dark Force on ground floor. There are 4 blocks in the area that you can use.
You will notice that one twirl pole is missing. It’s on the second platform. While standing on the first platform, Force-lift the pole and put it in the empty position. Now you can twirl onto the second platform. Continue with climbing onto the third platform, balance over to the fourth. Then use the orange bars to climb up to jump onto the wire. Now swing over to the Kyber Brick.

Built the staircase to the first platform.

Welcome to Exegol!

Near the Landing Pad, there is a Kyber Brick high up on the Citadel wall. There are some orange climbing bars but too far away. Shoot away the rocks nearby on the wall. They’re hiding some more bars. Now you can grapple up to get the Brick.

All Trials – 100%

Alphabetically by Trial Name
It’s easy to find the location of the Trial, when you select it in the Holo menu.

Citadel Shooter

This shooting trial is at the lowest level of the Sith Citadel. Shoot 6000.
Reward: TIE Dagger – Ship

All Challenges – 100%

Alphabetically by Challenge Name
It’s easy to find the location of the Challenge, when you select it in the Holo menu.

Contingency Curioso

Read all the contingency plaques in the Exegol Sith Citadel.
They are marked on the map with a green speaking bubble.
Here they are:

#1: Level -1: Ground floor, room next to the staircase
#2: Level -1: On the staircase
#3: Level -1: Scaffolding tower near staircase.
#4: Level -1: Opposite the last one, behind the statue.
#5: Level -1: Statue by the elevator.
#6: Level -2: Throne Room, one of the statues.
#7: Level -2: Throne Room in the pit.
#8: Level -2: Near the Shooting Trial
#9: Level -2: Hangar, on some debris.
#10: Level -1: Outside red circle, in the very west.

Where’s the Wookiee?

The Wookiee is in the Throne Room behind one of the corners at the back.

Location of the Wookiee on the map
The Wookiee in the Throne Room.

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