Easy Guide all Collectibles Capital Ship: Home One

The easy Guide for all Collectibles on Capital Ship: Home One! Here’s everything to achieve 100% of the Space and Planet.

First of all, to get the Capital Ship, select it in your Holo Menu, buy the Rumour and you will get hints where you can encounter and fight it.
You can then buy and land on the Capital Ships of your choice! Select it in the Holo Menu and land on it like you land on a planet!

All subsections are alphabetically ordered by the Mission Name in the Holographic Menu. If you are looking for a specific mission, check their Mission Name in your Holographic Menu.

Home One – All Collectibles

The Home One has 10 Kyber Brick Collectibles.

All Puzzles – 100%

Alphabetically by Puzzle Name
It’s easy to find the location of the puzzle, when you select it in the Holo menu.

Home Economics

Destroy the silver chest in the Mess Hall with a Villain’s grenade.

Home Energy

The Kyber Brick on the Bridge needs two Energy Cells!
One of them is right outside of the Bridge in the Briefing Room. On top of the round desk in the center of the room.
For the second Energy Cell, leave the Briefing Room. In the next room, there is a cell inside one of the barred off areas. Destroy the boxes around them to discover a switch. Push it and you can get to the Energy Cell (screenshot).
Now put both energy cells into the two sockets on the bridge to get the Brick.

Push the button to get to the second energy cell.

Home Generators

Destroy six generators on the ship. You can see them as “Supercounters”, blue circles, on the map.

One of the Generators.

Home Grown

This Kyber Brick in the Officers Quarters has four buttons on the floor that need to be pushed at the same time.
Just clean up the room by destroying everything. Then you can either use two pulled apart Protocol Droids to push the buttons or move the available boxes with a Jedi or Dark Force Character.

Home is Where the Kyber is

In the south west corner of the Hangar is a Kyber Brick. Destroy everything around it and you will discover two levers. Hang on them with a character each. This will activate an Astromech Terminal. Use it with an Astromech to get the Kyber.

Two levers left and right of the Kyber Brick.

Home on the Shooting Range

Go down to the Training Room. There are four targets you have to shoot before time is running out. On two opposite walls are two targets each.

Home One, Two, Three Times a Laser Field

At Engineering, destroy everything left of the Laser Field and put together an Astromech Terminal. Use it to get the Kyber Brick.

The Astromech Terminal to the left of the Laser Field.

Home Remedies

Shoot the golden box in the medical room with the Bounty Hunter’s blaster.

Home Security

The Security Card for the Kyber Brick in the Armoury is in the next room. Look on the map for a pluggable icon (pink-purple).

Home to Roost

The last Kyber Brick is hiding in the Hangar high up on a balcony.
Start by stacking the boxes to the right with a Jedi or Dark Force character. There is a socked for the boxes so you know where to build.
Next, climb up, using the nets and the orange climbing bars.

The Brick in the top left corner, building start at bottom right.

This is LEGO STAR WARS: The Skywalker Saga
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Guides by camzillasmom.

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