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Easy Guide all Collectibles on Capital Ship Death Star 2

The easy Guide for all Collectibles on Capital Ship: Death Star 2! Here’s everything to achieve 100% of the Space and Planet.

First of all, to get the Capital Ship, select it in your Holo Menu, buy the Rumour and you will get hints where you can encounter and fight it.
You can then buy and land on the Capital Ships of your choice! Select it in the Holo Menu and land on it like you land on a planet!

All subsections are alphabetically ordered by the Mission Name in the Holographic Menu. If you are looking for a specific mission, check their Mission Name in your Holographic Menu.

Here’s the fast access:


Death Star 2 – All Collectibles

The Death Star 2 has 7 Kyber Brick Collectibles.

All Puzzles – 100%

Alphabetically by Puzzle Name
It’s easy to find the location of the puzzle, when you select it in the Holo menu.

Above the Banners

High up in the Hangar is a Kyber Brick.
You can grapple up the orange bar visible on the screenshot with a Hero or Bounty Hunter.
Use the next grapple bar on the Kyber Brick platform to get up there.

The orange grapple bar access point in the background.

Bullet Points

Shoot all four targets in the Briefing Room to get the Kyber Brick.
Best to stand in the middle of the round table to do so.

Down the Hatch

In the Hangar is a hatch in the floor right next to a locked Kyber Brick. Inside the hatch is an Access Card Terminal.
Check out your Mini Map. The access card is marked with a pinkish purple symbol. It’s on top of the containers. Just jump up there, grab the access card and use it on the terminal.

Hangar Hanger

Grapple up the orange bar in the Hangar to get one level up.
Then, use the vines / cables to swing over to the Kyber Brick.

About to swing over to the Brick.

Piling on the Power

Inside the Battle Operations Room, there is a locked Kyber Brick that needs an Energy Cell.
The cell is inside this room but high up. Stack two blocks with a Jedi or Dark Force to get to it and retrieve the Brick.

All stacked up, Energy Cell already taken.

Quality Empire Craftmanship

Another locked Kyber Brick at Engineering. Destroy everything inside the room and you can build a Red Terminal.
Use it with a Villain to get the Kyber Brick.

Star Slicer

To get this Kyber Brick, destroy the big container at the dead end. There is an Astromech Terminal hiding behind it. Just use it with an Astromech and the Brick is yours.

Astromech Terminal at the back.

All Challenges – 100%

Alphabetically by Challenge Name
It’s easy to find the location of the Trial, when you select it in the Holo menu.

Where’s the Wookiee?

The Wookiee is on the second level in the corridor behind Engineering.

The Wookiee’s location on the map
Here’s the Wookiee

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