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How to pick the Locks at Hogwarts Legacy

There are a couple of locked doors and chests at Hogwarts. Here’s how to pick those locks to get everywhere you want!


First of all, you can’t pick locks from the very start of the game. Where would be the fun in that! Follow the Story Main Quests until you get the “THE CARETAKER’S LUNAR LAMENT” Quest. Here you will be introduced to lockpicking and Demiguise Statues. Return Statues to Gladwin Moon to be able to open harder locks.

There are three difficulty levels of locks at Hogwarts, one being the easiest.


As soon as you learned the spell “ALOHOMORA” you can get close to a lock to interact and pick it.

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This is how the start looks like. There is a green spark and a red spark just in the centre of the picture. The green spark is responsible for the outer green gear and the red one for the centre gear. Use the right stick on the controller for the red spark and the left stick for the green spark.

Move the right stick and put the red spark in one of the holes in the red gear and move it around until the centre of the gear moves. Stop to move the gear so the centre is only moving. You’ll see a red spark in the centre gear like on the screenshot below:

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Do the same with the green spark. Move the left stick, put the green spark in one of the gear’s holes and move the green gear around until the outside gears move. The outside gear is glowing green.

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Both gears THE CENTRE AND THE OUTSIDE HAVE TO MOVE AT THE SAME TIME for the lock to open. So you have to keep both of your controller sticks in position.


Level 2 Upgrade: Bring Gladwin Moon 9 Demiguise Statues for the lockpicking upgrade.

Level 3 Upgrade: Bring Gladwin Moon another 13 Demiguise Statues for the highest upgrade.

Release: February 10th, 2023
Developer: Avalanche Software
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Official Website:
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