Cache in the Castle – Side/Relationship Quest Walkthrough

To start the Side / Relationship Quest “Cache in the Castle”, meet Arthur in front of the Charms Classroom at THE ASTRONOMY WING.

He has a treasure map and he’d love to know where it is, but is not so much interested in the value. Of course I want to find it!

There are three individual locations pictured on the “Treasure Map” – more of a Treasure Drawing. We go from top right to bottom right, which is the end destination.


Take the small staircase down. You can see a big round circle area on the mini map, where you roughly have to go. The skeleton you’re locking for is at the main staircase of THE ASTRONOMY WING. The rhinoceros skeleton.


Continue to go down and exit the building at the ground floor. Enter the courtyard between THE ASTRONOMY WING and THE LIBRARY ANNEX. There is a Wyvern Fountain that just looks the same as the drawing on the treasure map. Put the Fountain into the same position as in the treasure map and you’ll see which door you’ll have to take:


Enter the building with the red X in the screenshot above. Inside, go straight ahead and up the stairs until you see this painting.

There is a hook at the top centre inside the frame of it. Cast “ACCIO” onto the painting. It will open and reveal a chest. Inside is a new Appearances Collections Item: AUTHENTIC HISTORIAN’S UNIFORM.


Report back to Arthur. He’s on the same floor as before, just a bit further back.

Release: February 10th, 2023
Developer: Avalanche Software
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom

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