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The Quest for Tyr – Complete Quest Walkthrough

Kratos and Atreus arrive at Svartalfheim to find Tyr in THE QUEST for TYR. There are plenty of puzzles until you find Tyr. This is how you solve them and finish the quest. Step-by-step.

Journey to Nidavellir
Explore Nidavellir
Boat to Durlin’s Office
Reach the Mine beyond the Mountain
Reach the Front of the Broken Train
Search the Mines for Tyr
Persue Tyr
Exit the Mines with Tyr

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Nidavellir is a dwarven settlement in Svartalfheim. Kratos and Atreus need to travel there by boat. Not far from where you arrive, there is a boat near the shore at the Aurvangar Wetlands. Follow Atreus to the boat. It’s tied up and he will cut it down. After the fight, take the boat and carry it to the water, where you can board it.

Follow the stream until you see the wheel blocking the channel. Use the nearby dock to get on land.

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There is a geyser blocking your path. Throw your axe on it so the geyser freezes, cross over and call your axe back.

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Throw the axe to freeze the geyser.

On the other side, you can climb up and around a structure. Get up there to the very top, where you can use a zipline at the other end.

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Climb up, around and to the top.

After a fight, look for a long metal chain where you can climb up. At the top is a small yellow treasure chest.
From up here you can access the wheel that is blocking the channel. Use your blades on the red symbol and pull the wheel away.

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The access point for the wheel.

Then go down and continue your travels by boat. Get through a small passage by interacting with it.

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Queezing through!

At the other side, go on land again. After the fight, look for a geyser dome and open it. Like before, freeze it and go to the other side.

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A capped geyser.

Here, you can climb all the way up and look at the construction. There is another geyser a bit higher up. Use your axe on it to freeze it. This will cause the once capped geyser to spew higher and open the blocked gate.

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Freeze the other geyser.

Go back to the boat and continue your trip. Stay on the right and you will discover another path block. Go on land at the beach again.

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Another blocked passage.

At the beach there is a small animal near a tent that disappears into the ground when you try to attack it. You have to approach it from the back to do so.
There is a gap where you can cross over onto a platform behind it. Kill it from there.

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Best point of attack.

Continue to your first obstacle. A big weight is blocking your path. Look up, where the weight is hanging on and you will see one of those shields you can destroy. Throw your axe to smash it.

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The shield that you can smash.

You can now go through to the other side, where you can pull down a chain to open the first part of the barricade. Then continue on to cross the big gap to the left.

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Pull the chain.

Here you can freeze a geyser again to get to the other side, where another fight is waiting for you. Here, you can uncap another geyser with your blades. Do so.

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Uncap another geyser

Freeze the other geyser. The one below you froze to get here. The one underneath the block.
Then, with the geyser still frozen, go to where you uncapped the other geyser. There is a shield you can smash just above the big block. Recall your axe and quickly destroy the shield.

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The shield half visible between block and chain.

Now go climb on top of this block and freeze the uncapped geyser to get all the way up with this “elevator”.

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About to freeze the geyser to go up!

Up there, next to a big red glowing chest is the ARTIFACT: KVASIR’S POEMS – The Sunrise of Nothingness.
Also here is another chain. Pull it down and you fully open the barrier. Go back to the boat to continue your travels.

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Artifact location on the map
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Artifact on the table.

Steer your boat through a cave and on the other side is the Nidavellir settlement.


Dock your boat at a blue flag in the centre of Nidavellir and get on land.
Follow the path up until you meet Sindri and his shop. Atreus will now get the ability to destroy barriers of green rocks and metal. Use it as instructed on the sewage gate.

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Shoot the sewage gate.

Enter the sewers and exit on the other side. Tell Atreus to destroy the cart full with green ore.

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And the green ore cart at the other side.

Now you can go through here. An ordinary cart is blocking the way here but Kratos can just move it away when you interact with the cart. Enter the building at the end of the road an talk to Raeb. He will also give you the FAVOURS QUEST: IN SERVICE OF ASGARD, where you have to destroy three mines.


Take the exit, where Sindri awaits and gives you a compass. From now on you have a HUD at the top of the screen. Then, go all the way down to the water, where you can board a boat.

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Follow the stream and stay on your left when you get the option to go destroy the mines or to go to Durlin’s Office to continue with the Story. Stop at the dock and enter the building. Exit Durlin’s Office to the port, where you’ll have a long fight ahead.


After the fight, exit the port through the big gates at the top.

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This is the gate to continue with the story.

Follow Atreus and board the train.

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Board the train.


You exit automatically at THE FORGE. Go down and follow Atreus to the waterside. There is a dead Dreki. As soon as you get closer another Dreki attacks.

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Dreki attack imminent

After the fight, leave the area through a gap at the other side. And work your way towards the tracks that you see in the distance. There is a derailed train that needs fixing. Right after you’ve destroyed a Wretches nest.
Fixing the train is a bit tedious since Atreus keeps mixing up right and left. Just look in which direction he is pointing to and move the train in this direction. No matter what he says.
Board the train when ready and ride it to the mines.

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Fixing the train.


After a little fight in the train, you “arrive” at the mines.
Take the path down and tell Atreus to shoot his arrow at the cart with the green ores. This is the way to go.

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Destroy some green metal.

At the end of this wooden path are some ores blocking the way. Thankfully the piles are near burning oil lamps. So all you have to do is destroy those lamps to free the passage.

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And now… destroy the oil lamp.

At the end of this wooden path are some ores blocking the way. Thankfully the piles are near burning oil lamps. So all you have to do is destroy those lamps to free the passage. Then enter the mine through there.
Exit at the other side and you are at the JARNSMIDA PITMINES.
Go down to the water wheel. Throw your axe up at the aqueduct to freeze the water. The crane will drop and you can swing across with your blade by using the red shield hanging at the crane.

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Froze the water. Now swing across.

The big chest at the other end is part of a collectible puzzle and will be covered later in one of the sections of the GOD OF WAR HUB. For now, follow the path to the right of the chest, cross the gap, until you find yourself in front of another big puzzle structure.

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And another puzzle!

Look for a wooden board with markings behind you. Here you can lift Atreus up to help you with the puzzle. Once he’s up there, tell him to use a lever. This will activate a flap at the gap. The flap is going up and down.

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Lift Atreus up here
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and tell him to use the lever with the square

Freeze the flap just when it is horizontal by throwing your axe towards the turning cog. You can now cross over.

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Cog frozen, flap horizontal!

Cross over underneath a big rock cube and raise the second rock cube by using your blades on the red shield so the water fountain turns over and raises the second block. You can now jump over the gap.

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Use blades on the red shield

After you’ve crossed, turn around and look at the big rock cube you just lifted. There are climb markings on it. So you have to lower it again to climb up to Atreus.

Throw your axe just where the water is coming out. It will freeze, the cube is coming down and you can climb it.

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The stone can be climbed…
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Freeze the water and it will come down.

Once on top of the rock cube, recall your axe and the rock will raise up again, where you meet Atreus again, divided by a gate. Help him to lift the gate and you can continue together again.

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Lifting the gate.

Further up is a cart blocking the way. As you move it away, Sindri will greet you and hands you some lamps for the dark. After a fight, follow Atreus into the mine.

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Ready for the mine.

Follow the path until Atreus thinks it’s a dead end. Look for a ledge, where you can jump down.

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The ledge down.

Down there, tell Atreus to shoot the green pile and continue the path through there.

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Another green pile to shoot.

You will end up in a cave fighting a Bergsra Mother. Then look for a stream and board a boat.

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All aboard!

After a long ride you will meet Sidri and his shop again. Leave him. Not far away, up the way, is a big gap that you have to cross. Another water puzzle.

Tell Atreus to shoot the green rocks inside the aqueduct. Then throw your axe just where the top and the bottom aqueduct cross. The water will run into the lower aqueduct, raise the crane and you can swing to the other side with your blades.

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Destroy the green stones inside the aqueduct.
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Freeze the water above the low aqueduct.

Open and go through the gate at the other side. You enter a room with a big red glowing chest and only one way out. Tell Atreus to shoot the passage blocked by green ore.

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Open up the green passage.

Leave the room through this passage and jump over the stream to the other side, where a fight awaits.
After, follow Atreus all the way up to the next puzzle.
Freeze the water above the wheel to the left. The crane will rise and you can swing over to the other side.

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Freeze it just here.

In front of the elevator door, recall your axe and use your blades on the same spot as the frozen water was on the right side. There is a red shield you can use.
Now on the left is an aqueduct you have to freeze now. The elevator is now coming down to your level. Open the door behind you and get in. Then recall your axe to go up.

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Block the water using the red shield.
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Then use the axe to block the water to the left.

At the top you can open up a yellow glowing chest and an a big door. Go through it.
There’s quite a mess at the other side and a fight is coming up. Look for a dead dwarf inside a gap and interact with him. You’ve just acquired your first relic.

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The dead dwarf in the gap.

Squeeze through there and follow Atreus and the tracks up until you can’t anymore. Look up. There is a big basket full of green ore hanging from a framework. Tell Atreus to shoot it. Now you can swing across.

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The dead dwarf in the gap.

Follow the way all the way up to where the broken zipline is. Look down and you will see the reason why it’s broken. There is a pile of green ore on top of the rope! Tell Atreus to shoot it, then fix the zipline before you slide down.

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Destroy the green pile.

Follow the way all the way up to where the broken zipline is. Look down and you will see the reason why it’s broken. There is a pile of green ore on top of the rope! Tell Atreus to shoot it, then fix the zipline by pulling the chain down, before you slide down.

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Destroy the green pile.

There is another water puzzle ahead. Ignore the cranes and the aqueducts for now. Turn around and jump over a gap. Here you can help Atreus up to give you a hand.
He’s going over to the aqueduct to the left. There is a lever. But before you tell him to open it up, freeze the aqueduct just before the wheel.

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Help Atreus climb up there!
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Then freeze the water of the left aqueduct.

Now tell Atreus to use the lever. This will cause a couple of green ore chunks to flow down the water and block up as a barrier just in front of the ice.
You can now recall your axe. The block will stay. Go to the other aqueduct to the right and freeze the water there.

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The green ore will form a blocking wall in front of the ice.
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Now you can freeze the other aqueduct.

The crane is coming up and you can swing over to the other side. On the platform, tell Atreus to destroy the green ore blockage in the aqueduct now and you are transported to the door.

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Swing over to the higher platform.
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Destroy the block you’ve created.

Atreus will meet you at the door. Interact with it and go through. There’s a big red glowing chest inside. Follow the way through a crawlspace to get to another big gate. Tell Atreus to shoot the four gate hinges. After a fight you can pull open the gate and you’ll find Tyr behind.

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Shoot the hinges.

After the cutscene you are being separated from Tyr and Atreus.


You’ve just defeated a couple of Aesir and follow the way up to the dead end. Look up and you’ll see a wall with a crack. Use your blades to burst trough it.

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Swing through the crack.

Some more Aesir are waiting up there but after you’ve dealt with them, you can squeeze yourself through a gap to get to Tyr and Atreus.

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The way to Atreus.


Follow Atreus and Tyr to exit the mine with an elevator up.
Before you can take a ferry across, there is another fight waiting, where Tyr reveals that he won’t fight ever again. At the other side, escape through the Mystic Gateway.

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Tyr, Atreus and Kratos on the ferry.
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Release: November 9th, 2022
Developer: Santa Monica Studio
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
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