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The Lost Sanctuary – Complete Quest Walkthrough

Atreus is falling asleep and finds himself in a nightmare that takes him to Ironwood. Here’s what you need to do in The Lost Sanctuary.

Explore Ironwood with Angrboda
Meet Angrboda at the Shrine
Help Angrboda with “Giant Stuff”
Follow Angrboda through the Canyon
Investigate the Hidden Passageway
Clear the Wretches from the Sinkhole
Head Home through the Marshes
Free the Wolf from Gryla’s Clutches
Set the Wolf free
Return to Angrboda’s Home


After his nightmare, the wolves lead Atreus to Angrboda, a friendly girl in Ironwood. She tells you to follow you but she is going ways you can’t go. Just follow the only path possible until you see a green shimmering wall that you can destroy with Atreus’ sonic arrow ability. Blast this wall can go through to continue.

The first green barrier.

Continue on the path. You will have to destroy some more of those green walls in your way. The climb spot markings (white-red symbols) also do a great job for showing the way so look for those, too.
There are also grapple-swing spots that need to be shot free so you can use them.

First, free this grapple point…
… and then this one.

You have to fight some of the “Exploding Nightmare” enemies. Those floating eyes, until higher up, you have to climb up and left towards the top. Look around for interaction circles, where you can cross bigger gaps.

Climb towards the left at this climb spot.

At the top, shoot another grapple-swing spot with the sonic arrow ability.

Another green blocked swing spot.

Angrboda will catch you from falling at the other side. Keep following her until you are being attacked by a Draugr. Fight it and then help Angrboda lifting a huge heavy stone to pass through to a big medallion in the distance. Race her to the top.

The medallion in the distance.

Keep following her, fight through the forest until you arrive at her treehouse.


Follow her inside the treehouse, where you’ll find three painted stones.
Interact with them to continue.

The shrine in the centre of the treehouse.
One important element on it.


Follow Angrboda again and pick up a bag of feed that you carry to Jalla, a big Yak-like creature. Interact with Jalla to sit on her and you can now steer her.

Follow the Vimur River until Angrboda will pick the first fruit.

Starting to ride Jalla.
Picking the first fruit.

Continue to pick fruit with Angrboda. The next one you have to pick. Go close enough and interact with it with the circle. Leave Jalla, when you see a wooden climbing wall. Interact with it and climb up, where you can pick another fruit.

Climb the wooden wall.
Then pick the fruit up there.

Wait until Jalla is coming around. Then jump down on her from the ledge. Ride further to the next climb spot, where you pick another fruit at the top.

Another climb spot and…
… a fruit at the top.

Jump down on Jalla again and climb up the next wall to pick some more fruit.
At the top, help Jalla pass through by shooting the green barriers in the river with the sonic arrow ability.

Another climb spot and…
… a fruit at the top.

Jump down on Jalla again and climb up the next wall to pick some more fruit.
At the top, help Jalla pass through by shooting the three green barriers in the river with the sonic arrow ability.

Climb up here again
Shoot the barriers in the river.

Again, jump down on Jalla and ride back to the treehouse to fill a bucket with fruit. There is a cupboard near the bucket that is in fact a smithy, where you can change and upgrade your equipment. You will also get new gear.

Off we go riding Jalla again but towards the other side of the treehouse harvesting roots. This part of the quest is more straight forward since it is simply just one path and you are guided at harvesting the roots.

Continue to ride on Jalla when prompted and fight when you fall off Jalla at an ambush until you’re finally back at the treehouse.

Now Angrboda wants to show Atreus something. While riding Jalla again, the path leads through a hidden passage. Get of Jalla at a climbing spot and play a little stone throwing game by the water.

Climb up here.
Throwing stones with Angrboda.

After an ambush, the trip on Jalla continues to a device that turns out to be an elevator up to the “Trail of the Jötnar” area of the map.


Follow Angrboda and fight with her in the canyon until you reach the “Valley of the Fallen” where she hands over a bag of Giant Marbles.

…and collecting marbles.

After a longer story cutscene, head back to Jalla, where you will be separated from Angrboda to fight a big Draugr. But no worries. After you’ve survived you will reach the elevator and you are back with Jalla.


This time Atreus is not riding through a secret passageway but you are walking to a big sinkhole.

The Hidden Passage.
The Sinkhole


Down in the sinkhole, you have to destroy four wretches dens.
As a general advice on how to find the nests: Always head towards the direction where the wretches are coming from.

Descend down into the sinkhole and crouch through a passage, where you will find the first nest just at the other side.

After destroying the first nest, go deeper inside until you see a white table with a bridge above it.

The first nest.
The bridge above with something shiny.

Head to the right, where you’ll find Angrboda stand next to a climb spot up.
Climb up there and further up from there until you see a green barrier in the distance and wretches starting to attack you. Destroy the barrier with the sonic arrow ability.

You are now on the same level as the bridge from before. There is a yellow glowing chest with a climb spot to the right. Head in this direction.

Destroy the green barrier…
Head towards the chest, up to the left

Up to the left of the chest is the second nest.
Destroy it and go down again. This time, cross the two wooden bridges.

Climbing up to the nest near the chest.
Then crossing the wooden bridges.

At the other side, look for another green barrier and destroy it with sonic.
Don’t go through yet.. First we take care of the third nest. Turn around with the former barrier in your back and go all the way straight ahead, until wretches attack again. Follow the direction where they’re coming from to find a gap in the wall from where you can shoot another green barrier. The wretches are coming from behind this little gap in the wall.

The first green barrier…
…and the second through a gap.

Go around the pillar towards the right, turn sharp left at the end and you will find the third nest.

Turn left at the end of the left wall…
…to get to the nest.

Go around the pillar towards the right, turn sharp left at the end and you will find the third nest.

Turn left at the end of the left wall…
…to get to the nest.

Now go through the first green barrier we destroyed after the bridges.
Jump down and turn to the right towards the yellow chest. Wretches will attack you and keep you from opening it.

Go through the first former blocked passage…
Jump down, head to the right.

Walk past the chest and follow the planked walkway up around the corner.
The last nest is just up here next to a big red glowing chest.

Past the chest up the path.
Where the last nest is.

Return back to the entrance and climb out.


Go around the sinkhole and follow Angrboda to Jalla. Ride her to a climb spot with fireflies and after that to a cutscene, where you get to learn of the existence of creepy “Forest Voice” – Gryla. Angrboda’s Grandmother.

Riding Jalla.
Meeting Grandmom.


Follow Angrboda to a big hollow tree where the way is blocked. Turn left and you see a climb spot up. Take it. From up there you can shoot a green barrier with a sonic arrow.

Left climb spot.
Green barrier.

Climb back down and enter the tree to crouch through this now open entrance. Climb up at the other side, where you can shoot another green barrier in the tree.

Go through the now open entry.
Shoot another barrier in the tree.

Now you can get through the tree. But be wary, a fight awaits at the other side.
When you were successful, Angrboda will help you with a grapple point up.
Keep following Angrboda until you reach a huge entrance – Gryla’s home.
Walk around it to the right where you can reach a climb spot up.

Gryla’s House
The climb spot at the back.

Climb up there, jump across a gap and then grapple-swing to the other side.

Jump over the gap…
…and swing to the other side.

From here, you can shoot a green barrier inside one of the wooden cages hanging down.
This will help Angrboda to climb up to the top and free a grapple spot for Atreus to get up and into the house.

Green barrier inside the cage.
Grapple point for Atreus.

Follow Angrboda into the kitchen, where you’ll help her open a big cellar door. Descend into the cellar, where you can shoot a big toppled over barrel with green sonic to get to the back of the room.
It’s here where Atreus is using one of the giants marbles to give a soul to a soulless snake so it can escape.

Destroy the big barrel in the way.
Freeing the snake.

Exit the cellar the same way you came and they close the door back shut at the top. Now Gryla returns…


Atreus wants to free the wolf, before both aim to destroy the cauldron that gives her the ability to extract souls.

Escape Gryla when she notices you and follow Angrboda back to the kitchen. From the vantage point, jump down and swing over to the cauldron. Interact with it and you start the Gryla fight.

Swing over to the cauldron.
Interact with it to start the fight.

At the fight, shoot the purple glowing cauldron crystal to hurt Gryla. When she drops the cauldron, use all you have to damage it.
Gryla also has some nasty area spells. When she poisons one floor, go to the other. Either up or down. She never poisons both floors at the same time.
When Gryla is near one of the big white candles, tell Angrboda to shoot the candle. This will stun Gryla.

Shooting the glow.
Get off the floor!

After you’ve destroyed the cauldron, leave the house.


Follow Angrboda back home by racing her as a wolf.
Explore the treehouse. There are a couple of things you can interact with. Once you’re done, go to the centre where the shrine stones are and Angrboda will help Atreus to get back home.

“Home” should have been Sindri’s House, but to Atreus, home is the house in Midgard. Which is now surrounded by enemies, which he has to fight before he can even access the gate.

Once he activates the gate, an angry Kratos steps out of it. And another fight emerges, following a boss fight with “Vanadis” who turns out to be Freya at the end.

Atreus is going back to Sindri’s Home, while Kratos continues on with Freya.

Release: November 9th, 2022
Developer: Santa Monica Studio
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
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