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The Below – Alfheim – All Collectibles Locations

There are 3 Collectibles at the Below in Alfheim. You can find 1 Nornir Chest, 1 Legendary Chest and 1 Lore. Here’s where they are.


To access The Below, go to the south of the Barrens to the cave entrance and climb down.

There are a couple of deflection puzzles to destroy the Red Tendrils. Here’s how you destroy them:

1 –

Getting into the Below, there is one single Tendril that you can destroy without puzzle. At the next one, you have to destroy 3 at once.

2 –

The next puzzle is inside a cave with a lot of purple crystals. Don’t let those crystals confuse you! This is not a deflection puzzle.

Just climb up the wall in this cave and you can line up the Tendrils in one row from up there to destroy them.

3 –

Climb further up in this cave and exit at the top. There you can take a zipline to the other side. There are 3 Tendrils and a deflection crystal. For the deflection to work you have to grapple to the other side.

4 –

You can now grapple to the other side and climb down into a shiny cave where you are attacked by elves. Use the crouch space from there to get outside. There is another Tendrils puzzle there. First, just focus on the two ore blocks that you have to destroy first. Climb down to the bottom, close to the tendrils. Here to can destroy the bottom ore pile by hitting the oil flask. As you go back you can see the oil flask from the top ore barrier and you can hit this one too.

Now go to where the top ore barrier was. You can deflect your axe and destroy the three Tendrils from there.

5 –

From there continue on from where the top ore barrier was. climb down into an area with 3 Tendrils to the right and an ore block ahead.

There is one purple crystal you can use to destroy 2 Tendrils with deflection and the other one you can just hit before your axe gets to the crystal. Like in the screenshot below.

6 –

Up ahead cross the gap and look to the left. Now you can destroy the ore barrier by hitting the flask.

7 –

Climb up on the other side where the last 3 Tendrils were. From here you can turn a hanging purple crystal by hitting the shields above it. Bring it in position like in the screenshot and fire up your axe!


First, get rid of the ore barrier near the entrance / exit. Go to the very right and you can hit the oil flask from there. Now cross over where the oil flask was and look across to the other 3 Tendrils, not the ones above you. You can throw your axe through the nearest Tendril and deflect it at the back for the other two.

Jump back over the chasm towards the entrance / exit. From there you deflect your axe from one crystal to the other to destroy the remaining 3 Tendrils.


You can open the wooden gates to this Nornir Chest while destroying the Tendrils. You can get access while taking care of Tendril 4 above. This Nornir Chest needs you to be quick and hit the runes in the same order as on the box before they stand still in their positions again.


– The “n” Rune –

The “n” Rune is the hardest. From the Nornir Chest, stay outside and climb up to the higher gate. That’s where the “n” Rune is. From here you can hit the Rune and start the race.

– The “C” Rune –

The “C” just opposite of the Nornir Chest.

– The “R” Rune –

The “R” Rune is on the same level as the Nornir Chest, just inside through the gate.

Now you just have to be quick. Hit the three runes with your axe. “n” first, then “C” and then the “R” Rune


Follow and destroy all the Tendrils in The Below (see guide at the top). After you’ve destroyed the Hafgufa Tendrils, you can climb up to the surface from there. The Legendary Chest is by the exit.



To get to this Lore, you have to get rid of the Tendrils in this area, as explained at the top of this guide.
Then you can climb down to read this Lore.

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