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Surviving Fimbulwinter – Complete Quest Walkthrough

Kratos’ and Atreus’ new adventure starts in the Upper Wildwoods, where they’re SURVIVING FIMBULWINTER. Here’s the complete Quest Walkthrough step-by-step.

Heading Home
Track Atreus
Return Home with Atreus
Return Home to Atreus
Follow Atreus into the Forest
Return Home

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Kratos and Atreus are on their way home on their sledge pulled by two wolves, Speki and Svanna. Use your left stick to steer the sledge, the right stick to look around. You can always modify your camera settings in the menu.

Finding the path should be easy. You’re basically just on a given path. Just look for empty stretches of snow and fight off Freya, when she’s attacking you.

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After you’ve arrived and Atreus feeds the wolves, head uphill following the lanterns. Go to the stables next to the house to see how Fenrir is doing. They’ve just arrived in time to see Fenrir pass away with little blue lights leaving his snout. Atreus, sad and devastated, asks to be left alone so he can burry Fenrir, while Kratos heads inside the house to go to bed.

Shortly after, Kratos is waking up because he feels a woman’s arm holding him from behind, finding himself in a beautiful forest together with Faye, his late wife. Follow her through the forest and move away large logs when prompted, so you can climb further up. Climbing spots are marked with symbols like in the screenshot below.

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Climbing spot marked with symbols

Climb up the hill and follow Faye until she touches your forehead and leaves a yellow handprint that will be gone after Kratos wakes up shortly after. He realises that some time has passed and Atreus has not come home yet. He asks Mimir if he had seen him but he didn’t.


Outside the house and stables, follow Atreus’ footsteps. The tracks are heading down to the frozen river. At the end of the river is an opening in the rock but completely frozen. Notice the markings again on the left. Like ledges, passages are marked as well, so you get some guidance on where you can go. Perform a couple of attacks on the frozen passage to go through.

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Notice the markings left of the passage.

You’ll enter the cave. Go through it and exit at the other side, where the tracks stop. But a Raider attack starts.
After the fight, Mimir suggest to check on the protective stave, which is a marking on a tree nearby. Interact with a big, marked, fallen tree to get there. The stave is broken and there is a lot of blood in the snow and a dead bear. Kratos thinks the bear had been mauled by another, bigger bear.

Now you can follow the blood trail in the snow until the path is blocked by fallen trees. Go around it towards the right.

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Follow the path up to the right.

There is a gap you could jump across but there is a fallen tree in the way. Hold Aim and throw the Leviathan Axe to destroy the tree. Then cross over, where you can follow the tracks again uphill – climbing a couple of ledges.

The tracks lead to a small cave, crawl through it and exit on the other side to fight some more Raiders. Continue to follow the tracks after. They are leading uphill and you can’t follow them. So, like before, go around by going to the left this time.

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Go left at the next dead end.

Some more attackers await, before you continue to track Atreus by going uphill to the right, where you can pickup the trail again. At the next dead end, just go the only path possible, even though it leads away from the tracks. You will know that you’re on the right path if you encounter another wave of Raiders near a small campsite and a wall you can climb.

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The campsite with the climbable wall at the back.

So climb up the wall. The markings will lead you up to a big, red glowing chest. Then cross over the small bridge, where you can follow the blood trail trough a small cave to another, smaller chest. Turn left at the chest, where you can fit into a gap in the wall.

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The small chest with the gap in the background.

You get to a bigger cave, where you learn how to perform an attack from above on camping Raiders. Here you can follow the blood trail again, fighting some Raiders while you’re doing so.
The tracks lead to a passage blocked by stones. Take the path to the left and climb up there.

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Taking the path left of the dead end.

Up there is another big red glowing chest. Take the path opposite this chest – past some more Raiders – and climb up the rocky wall. Up here, you can follow the track again.
Outside, you are being attacked by a huge bear – Björn. Fight it.

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The fight ends by discovering that the bear is in fact Atreus. His grief had transformed him into a bear.


To be able to return home from here, you first have to destroy a big fallen tree blocking your path by melee attacking it. Follow Atreus, until you get introduced to “Companion Arrows Attacks”, where you can command Atreus to shoot arrows.

Continue your path, by climbing down into the cave to the left, where you can open another big red chest. Keep following Atreus from there to another, smaller chest, until you get to the same blocked and bloody path that you encountered after you crossed over the first gap.

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Ignore Atreus, walk past him straight ahead and follow the tracks until you get a cutscene, where Kratos tells Atreus to put a new protective stave onto a tree. Then, follow the path back home, moving away another fallen tree to fight some more Raiders.
Then keep following Atreus through a cave, when you finally arrive at home, where you go to sleep in the house.

You wake up having guests. Thor and Odin. Since the chat does not end in a friendly way, you end up fighting Thor until he decides to retreat.


Follow Sindri and Brok to the gate that leads you back home. Interact with it and cross this world until you find another gate you can interact with to get home.

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Interact with the gate and go home.

You’ll find Atreus and Mimir safe in the house, where you learn how to gear up.


Atreus wants to show Kratos something in the forest. Follow him until you discover a group of dead Raiders. Turn left, following the dead Raiders until you discover the brambles that you can ignite. Do so and follow this path now.

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Burn the brambles.

Follow Atreus to a big wooden gate, where you learn to use your Blades to interact with obstacles. In this case, you will open these gates. Go through them and you will meet your fist Hel-Raider.
Keep following Atreus and fight Hel-Raiders and normal Raiders on the way.
Keep following Atreus through a cave to a big pillar you can more. Use your blades to move it to the left.

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Move the pillar away to jump over the gap.

Now you can cross over the gap and use your blades to climb up on the other side. Up here, move the same pillar again to the left, so you can cross over.

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Move the same pillar again so you can cross.

Jump over the gaps until you get to the zipline. Pull the chain down by interacting with it until it gets stuck somehow.

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Interact with the chain.

Look at the zipline. There is some round shield hanging down on it. Aim and shoot it to destroy it.

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Destroy the round shield.

Now you can pull the chain again to tighten the slack. Use the zipline and climb down towards a camp, where you have to fight raiders again. Then look for Atreus. He’s standing in front of brambles that you can light up again with your blades. Follow the path to another fight and the LORE RUNE: WINTER-MAN?.

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The Winter-Man? Lore Rune

Now you can pull the chain again to tighten the slack. Use the zipline and climb down towards a camp, where you have to fight raiders again. Then look for Atreus. He’s standing in front of brambles that you can light up again with your blades. Follow the path to another fight and the LORE RUNE: WINTER-MAN?. But this Lore Rune is not being counted as collectible in the menu…

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The Winter-Man? Lore Rune

Climb up the ice wall at the other end and fight some more Hel-Raiders. Here, climb up another icy wall until you’re being attacked by The Huntress. Fight her and climb the same wall again to follow Atreus into the ruins. He stops at a staircase which is blocked by another of those movable pillars. Move the pillar to the right, which will make ice fall of a tree. But before you move the pillar again, you have to destroy the tree by throwing your axe for it to work.

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Move the pillar to the right
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then destroy the tree before moving the pillar again

Now you can go up the stairs. Atreus is waiting for you in front of a mysterious gate. He interacts with it and both of them enter. Inside, they are told a story that only Giants are meant to see.


After the story cutscene, Kratos and Atreus return home. Follow Atreus to higher ground, where you can destroy the cracked floor and loot whatever is in the cave below. Then return up to Atreus.

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Destroy the cracked floor.

Up there, follow the path to a chain that you can drop for faster access. Then go down the chain to fight more Raiders.

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Drop the chain and climb down.

After, move away a tree to continue on your path. Follow Atreus to a big red chest and finally home, where Sindri awaits. He’ll open up the Gate to Sindri’s Home go through it and you’ve survived Fimbulwinter.

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Release: November 9th, 2022
Developer: Santa Monica Studio
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Official Website:
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