Groa’s Secret – Complete Quest Walkthrough

Just after dinner, Kratos, Atreus and Tyr are travelling to Alfheim to discover Groa’s Secret. And here’s how to discover it!

Reach Groa’s Shrine atop the Temple
Descend the Light Well
Make your Way to the Mystic Gateway


After you exit the Mystic Gateway you enter THE STRöND and the Quest starts.
Before you go adventuring, pick up one of two LORE collectibles just in this room where you’ve arrived.
Interact with the blue glowing letters to pick up the BROKEN HISTORY LORE.

One of two Lore collectibles.

Then follow Tyr and Atreus to the first riddle. The path is blocked and there are purple stones left and right of the blocked path with a destructible shield behind the barrier.
Those stones will divert the path of your Leviathan axe when you throw it. Sometimes you just have to change the way you stand for the angle to be correct. You will see that it’s the right path when it’s glowing blue. Here’s how you need to stand and throw in the screenshot:

Blue line is showing that I will hit the shield.

Continue to follow the path up. The markings are a good hint. Also sometimes Atreus and Tyr storm ahead.
Soon you’ll arrive at a chest with runes. There is an Artefact TRIBUTES TO FREYRDREAM CHARM lying on the floor next to it (purple glow).

Purple glowing artefact on the floor next to the chest.

Next you’ll go up to the big gate. Interact with one of the wheels and listen to what Atreus tells you to do. Once the symbol above the big gate is all white, you can interact with it to enter the Temple of Light.

White symbol opens the gate.

There are a couple of deflection puzzles ahead so I will just post the solution below as a screenshot. Here’s the first door and how to shatter the light crystal:

White symbol opens the gate.

At the other side, swing over a gap to continue.

Swing over to the other side here.

Go up the stairs and you are in front another light door. There’s also a big red glowing chest nearby.
Here’s how to open this door:

Deflecting the axe again to hit the light stone.

Go through the now open door of light. At the top of the stairs, open a big gate and fight off the elves at the other side. After the fight, swing to the top the same path Tyr took. First swing to the left hanging ornament, then to the right one and finally up to the bridge.

Swing first to the left, then to the right ornament.

Then follow Tyr all the way up the stairs to the next door of light. This one is a bit more complicated. The purple deflector crystal is behind a decorative wall. For the defection to work, go to the area where Atreus stands. There is a spot you can grapple up at the very end of the area where Atreus stands.

Atreus straight ahead…
…now he is behind me, grapple spot (circle) above me.

Grapple up there. Here’s another artefact and you have to deflect your axe from here like below in the screenshot.

Another Artefact collectible.
This is how to deflect the axe to destroy the crystal.

Continue your path and open up a gate at the top to reach yet another door of light. This deflection crystal seems to be turned in the wrong direction… look down to your left. You can jump down there and interact with this wheel.

The purple crystal is behind a plant…
Look down to your left!

Turn the wheel. It will lower the crystal. You can lower it two levels. To the centre or way down. First, lower it all the way down. Then aim and throw your axe at the round yellow shield to the left so the purple crystal side is turning towards you.
Then, put the crystal into the centre position and aim and shoot your axe from here so it hits the light crystal. You have to do this while holding the wheel.

Throwing the axe at the left yellow shield to turn the crystal.
Crystal in the right position, now throw the axe.

Go through the door and fight some elves. Then, just after the fight and while continuing to go up, look to the left. There is another Artefact in one of the rooms at the left.

Artefact’s purple glow to the left.

Atreus and Tyr are waiting for you at the top in front of a gate. Open it up and you are faced with another fight. At the end of the fight, Tyr is going ahead, standing at the other side of a huge chasm. Drop yourself down on the ledge where you see Tyr. Then use the big hanging ornament to swing over to where Tyr stands.

Drop down here to swing to the ornament

At the other side you’ll learn that you can use the axe on the twilight stones (purple crystals) to deflect the axe onto enemies.

Reflecting the axe onto an enemy.

From there follow Atreus and notice where he’s looking at. It’s a climbing spot to reach a higher level.
Up here, during the fight, stand in the centre of a circle of twilight stone columns (purple crystals) to use them to defeat the elves. You have to throw your axe that it endlessly bumps off the twilight stones around you. Hit one of them in the centre so you have a blue line like this:

Throwing the axe.

After the fight, push the white pillar with the crack at the base over.

Pushing over the pillar.

Cross the bridge of light and continue to go up, where you’re facing another fight.
While you’re going further up from here, look to the left. There’s a green ODIN’S RAVEN.

Odin’s Raven

Another light door awaits. The toughest one so far. Standing in front of it, look to the right. There is green iron that you can blow away with Atreus’ sonic arrow ability. Please do so.

Another light door.
Green metal to the right…

The statue can now be pulled to the left so you can climb up to the second level at the climbing spot to the right.

Move the statue to the left…
… to free the climbing spot.

Climb up to the second floor. From where Atreus stands you can swing over to the other side.
Once there, drop a shield at the ledge for faster access.

Swing over…
…and lower the shield block for fast access.

Go to the back of the statue that holds the twilight crystal. Destroy the green metal with Atreus’ sonic arrow ability. Now you can move the statue. Pull it to the left so you can destroy the shield at the statue’s back by throwing the axe.

Destroy the green metal to move the statue…
…to the left to destroy the white shield.

Then move the statue to the right. Go to the left of the statue and use the deflection of the twilight crystal to destroy the white shield. Move the statue again to the left and cross over to the second level of the other side. From here you can throw your axe at the twilight crystal to destroy the light crystal.

Destroy the second shield with deflection.
Now you can destroy the light crystal from the other side.

Follow Tyr and Atreus up to a room with a lot of light and a twilight crystal that is stuck by green metal. Use again Atreus’ sonic arrow ability to destroy it. Now the twilight crystal is loose and Tyr helps you to align it to deflect your axe in the correct angle.

Shoot the green metal…
… and deflect your axe to destroy the light crystal.

Take the elevator up and after the cutscene, cross the chasm by swinging over. Go up the stairs to open the gate.

Swing over and…
… open the gate.

Follow Atreus and Tyr up to another gate, open it and turn left to meet with Sindri. Then interact with the Goa’s Shrine gate to get another cutscene.

Swing over and…
… open the gate.


Follow Tyr and open the gate at the top of the staircase. Another fight is coming up.
Descend the big staircase to another gate. Open it to fight some more.
Follow Tyr and Atreus down. Use the thick blue ropes to descend.

Blue ropes: Descending points

Continue your way down by using those blue ropes when you see them. At some stage you will have to use a hanging ornament again to get down. Look at the marking on the ornament. When you’re stuck, look around for this marking. It’s a grapple point.

Swinging on ornaments

Further down, Tyr will attack an elf and will be very upset about it. Follow Tyr pulling this elf with him, until a cutscene starts and at the end, you will be at the base of the well.

Tyr pulling the elf along.

Follow Tyr to open a gate…


Now you’re back in the desert again. When you go down the stairs, you will fall down and attacked by Dark Elves. Fight your way through while following Tyr and Atreus.
When a bridge is destroyed and you are separated from them, use a climb spot to climb up.

Climbing spot up.

At the top, you will see Tyr and you can grapple up to him and the Mythic Gate. Interact with it to finish the Quest.

Release: November 9th, 2022
Developer: Santa Monica Studio
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom

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