Namihara Shrine: Ghostwire Tokyo

Here’s all you need to fully complete the Namihara Shrine Area in Ghostwire Tokyo.

Jizo Statue (2)

The Water Jizo is in the south of Namihara Shrine in a dark courtyard.

The Wind Jizo Statue is in the south east of Namihara Shrine. It’s by the corruption tree.


Track down the Oni west of Namihara Shrine. Talk to the dog with the red bandana at the location and give it a Kibi Dango.
Follow the dog to the Oni location, where you have to protect it from visitor attacks. At success, the dog can call out the Oni and you receive the Magatama.


The Tanuki is hiding on top of the building that is right in the south east of Namihara Shrine.

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