All Voice Logs: Ghostwire Tokyo

Here you find all the Voice Logs you can collect and where to pick them up in-game. The order as they appear in the menu after you pick them up. See Table of Contents for a specific collectible.

I Just Wanted to Say “Plan B”

Don’t forget to pick up this very first Voice Log that you can find inside the very first phone booth you use.

Have You Seen Any Visitors?

This Voice Log is inside the phone booth that is at the South Border of the Akisawa Shirne Area. You will get there in the Main Mission “KK – Head to Yugenzaka” in Chapter 2.

Yokai Are All Around Us

West of Yashin Shrine is a Payphone with the Voice Log in it.

Blood and Succession

You’ll get this one during the Side Mission “After the End”.
After following a ghostly girl, the Voice Log is where she ended up sitting.

Difficulty with Human Beings

You can find this log on the roof of the hospital while on the “After the End 2” Side Mission.

In the Midst of Battle

This Voice Log is part of the Main Mission in Chapter 3: Connection. You will pick it up when going to the “Parking Lot at Jizo Street.”

File #178

You will reach this area in Chapter 2: Trouble – Main Mission: “The Buried Life” – Head Deeper Underground.
After you walked the Subway tracks, the mission leads you to a Generator room with water on the floor. There is this computer on the floor.

File #999

This audio recording is in the “Daimon area” with no available map. Pick it up at the first building.

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