All Relics Collectibles: Ghostwire Tokyo

Here you find all the Database Relics and where to pick them up ingame. The order as they appear in the menu after you pick them up. See Table of Contents for a specific collectible.


This Relic is inside the first Safe House – KK’s Apartment – that you enter in Chapter 2: Trouble.
It’s in the chaotic room at the back, inside the wardrobe.

Lion Mask

The Lion Mask Relic can be picked up at the southern border of the Akisawa Shrine Area. It’s inside a Metal Cabinet north of the phone booth. 
You will get very close to this location while doing the Main Mission: “KK – Head to Yugenzaka” in Chapter 2: Trouble.

Uchide no Kozuchi

The relic is inside a construction site north east of Hatsuike Shrine.

Sharaku Ukiyo-e

This Relic is inside a Metal Cabinet in a side Alley at the south east of Shiroyama Shrine.

Utamaro Ukiyo-e

This painting is in the hotel room of the Crystal Fairy Hotel on the 4th floor. You can enter the hotel after accepting the “The Voice in the Wall” Side Mission south of Akisawa Shrine.

Portrait of a Spirit

This Relic is hanging inside the Kuo Shrine.

Reiwa Placard

In Chapter 3: Connection – Pillar of Light, you will go to the Sengoku Center Building south east of Matsumi Shrine.
Inside the building, at the second closed shutter, you have to enter an office. In the office is a small backroom with a metal cabinet. Inside is this relic.

Bubble Era Folding Fan

West of Morite Shrine, across the main road, is a building with a stage on the rooftop. The Fan is on the stage.

Model Supercar

This relic is inside a building in the Namita Shrine Area, south west of the Shrine.
The building is the location of the Side Mission “Deep Cleaning”. It’s in the biggest room on ground floor on the table.

Model Frilled Lizard

Pick up the Side Mission “The Hoarder’s House” east of Shiroyama Shrine.
inside the house, on the second floor, is a wardrobe. Inside is this Relic.

Model Axolotl

The Axolotl Relic is west of Kirigaoka Shrine on top of a white bike shed.


In the Side Mission “Nesting Evil”, you have to enter a strange building in the East of the Utagawa Shopping District Torii Gate. When you enter by removing the Yokai, you are greeted by an evil spirit at a “Reception Desk”. Go through the door behind the Reception Desk and you’ll find this phone on a couch.

Portable Cassette Player

East of Morite Shrine, find the train platform that is not underground with the waiting train. You can enter the train and get this Relic.

Kagura Suzu

This Relic is inside the first Torii Gate that you liberate. The Akisawa Shrine.


This Relic is inside the Main Building of Hirokawa Shrine.

Wooden Fish

There is a temple east of the Momokane Building Rooftop Torii Gate, where you can do the Side Mission: Art Imitates Life. When you complete it, the back door of the temple can be opened and there’s the Relic.

Magazine w/ Free Handbag

North of Utagawa Shopping District Torii Gate is “Kirigaoka Building C Apartment 302”. You get there in Chapter 3: Connection of the Main Mission. The Relic is in the bedroom.


South of Namita Shrine is a house you can enter to do the “Zashiki-warashi” Side Mission.
Inside the house is a room with two big doors. Behind the door is a room with a wardrobe with 4 doors. The relic is behind one of the doors.


There are various Kites in the City.

East of the Namita Shrine.
Best to either descend east from the Namita Shrine or ascend west towards the Shrine. The Kite is half way down / up stuck behind a satellite dish.

West of Yashin Shrine on the roof.

South west of Akisawa Shrine on top of a roof.

Paper Crane

When you can return to the hospital for the Side Mission: Haunting Visions, you will find this relic in one of the patient rooms on the 4th floor.

Model Minivan

The Minivan is in the south east of Namihara Shrine. It’s right by the corruption tree. Check out the black pipes after you destroyed it.

Maneki Neko

The Maneki Neko Statue is in the Subway Station. The closest exit is number 4.
You will get through here while chasing the evading man in Chapter 2: Trouble – The Buried Life – Follow the Trail – Head Deeper Underground.

Three Wise Monkeys

The Three Wise Monkeys are standing north of Utagawa Shopping District Torii Gate just by the road.

Kibori Kuma

The Relic is west of Kirigaoka Shrine. Inside a small shop by the road.

Shisa Statues

After the intro in the hospital, you can later go back for the Side Mission: Haunting Visions.
When you go back to the Nurse Station on the 3rd floor, this Relic is on top of the file cabinet.

Japanese Doll

The Japanese Doll is inside a bulding called “Multi-Tenant Building” east of Shiroyama Shrine.
You will get here while doing the “And Then There Were None” Side Mission.
It’s inside the room on ground floor.


In Chapter 4: Contortion – Giants, you will go to a building south west of Kappagaike with a dark garage. In this garage is a room with this Relic.
With the exit in your back you have to go to the top right corner of the garage.

Ame-no-Habakiri (Replica)

The Relic is inside the Hitani Shrine.

Naoe Kanetsugu’s Kabuto

It’s inside the shop of Kirigaoka Shrine. On the shelf.


The Shuriken are stuck in a rooftop wall of the building south west of Hatsuike Shrine.


Haniwa is inside Onten Shrine.

Kan’ei Tsuho

The Kan’ei Tsuho is a relic in the west of Shiroyama Shrine. 
There is a big, green park/building site. Take the stairs up at the only building in there. The relic is inside the white bowl.

Cursed Videotape

In the very west of Namita Shrine, in a dark alley dead end is the Cursed Videotape.

Haunting Photo

The photo is in front of the “Occult Content Creator’s Apartment”, south east of Kuo Shrine.

Ghastly Knife

The Knife is in the Subway Station. The closest exit is number 4. It’s further inside the station than the Black Cat Statue.
Open all the toilet stalls to find it.

Inugami Mummy

This Relic is also in the Subway Station. The closest exit is number 4. As confusing as it is, it follows right after the Chocin-obake Netsuke below.
From the train platform, you follow the train tracks to the dead end with the broken round ceiling vent. The Inugami Mummy is right next to it.

Hu-mutt Mummy

The Mummy Relic is inside Kamio Shrine.


Get rid of the tree formed corruption on the highway west of Kamio Shrine. The Relic is underneath it.

Karakasa-kozo Netsuke

In the Side Mission “Nesting Evil”, you have to enter a strange building in the East of the Utagawa Shopping District Torii Gate. When you enter by removing the Yokai, you have to work your way through it and ban Specters.
After the second Specter, you get to a room with a collapsed ceiling. You will have go through on the ground floor, but you can climp up this collapse and pick up this Relic inside an open safe.

Azukiarai Netsuke

The Azukiarai Netsuke is west of Hatsuike Shrine and north of Namihara Shrine. It’s at the back of a small white truck.

Chochin-obake Netsuke

This Relic is also in the Subway Station. The closest exit is number 4. It’s on the floor of the train platform.

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