All KK’s Investigation Notes

Here’s where you find all of KK’s Investigation Notes in Ghostwire Tokyo. The order as they appear in the menu after you pick them up. See Table of Contents for a specific collectible.

The Sewer Kid

This Investigation Note can be found in the first Safe House you enter in the south west of the Akisawa Shrine. You will get there in Chapter 2: Trouble while doing the Main Mission: Clearing the Fog – Search the Apartment.

These are the KK’s Investigation Notes you need to complete the Akisawa Shrine.

The Kirigaoka Vanishing

These Notes can be found inside a small building on the Hirokawa Shrine grounds. You need them to complete the Hirokawa Shrine Area.

The Marunouchi Vanishing

In Chapter 3: Connection – Pillar of Light, you will go to the Sengoku Center Building south east of Matsumi Shrine.
Inside the building, at the second closed shutter, you have to enter an office. Inside the office is a meeting room with these notes on the table.

This is one of three Investigation Notes that you need for the Utagawa Shopping District Torii Gate Area Completion.

The Awakened AI

In Chapter 3: Connection, in the Main Mission “Blindness” you have to get to Apartment Building C. The notes are stuck in the letterbox of this apartment building, on ground floor. This is one of two Investigation Notes that you need for the Yamaki Shrine Area Completion.

The Line at the Ramen Shop

These Investigation Notes are right next to the Tatsui Shrine building. It’s the only one needed to complete the Tasui Shrine Area.

The Hyakki Yako

These notes can be found in one of the shops at “Daimon”.

The Turbo Student

These notes are at the Subway Station. Closest Exit is number 4. It’s on a chair in the small arcade near the Black Cat Statue Relic.
You’ll get here in Chapter 2: Trouble, while at the Main Mission: “The Buried Life” – Follow the Trail – Head Deeper Underground.

The Tengu Turf War

This KK Investigation File is inside one of the Onten Shrine shops. It’s one of two notes needed to complete the area.

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