SaberLeomon – All You need to know

Here’s all you need for Digimon Survive’s ID108 SABERLEOMON!

SaberLeomon is an Mega Digimon, which is the fourth form, and his strength is “Attack”.

A Harmonious (Data) Digimon (see the Cube symbol) and therefore STRONG AGAINST MORAL (VACCINE) Digimon (the ones with the Drop symbol).

SaberLeomon – Full View


An Ancient Beast monster supposedly capable of Mach speed movement. It’s speed allows SaberLeomon to dodge any attack with east, no matter how swift.

Its two massive fangs and sharp claws are said to possess tremendous destructive potential.


When fighting with Digimon, you can also choose to talk to them. They will ask you one of seven question and you can fill a bar above them. When you manage to fill three of the six cubes to fill the bar, it will turn friendly and you can either ask it to join or to give you an item.

Here are the conversation answers:

“Do you think you can do anything by force?” –> STRENGTH IS JUSTICE.

“If you saw a raging fire heading towards a crying child, what would you do?” –> DEPENDS REALLY.

“What do you believe is “right”?” –> POWER, OF COURSE!

“Can I trust humans…?” –> THEY MAY BETRAY YOU…

“Do you think I’m uptight?” –> [REMAIN SILENT.]

“I won’t forgive anyone that disturbs the peace in this area!” –> YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG.

“Would you rather fight a weak enemy or a strong enemy?” –> GIMME A STRONG ONE.


“Sonic Charge”
Raises SPD one rank. Moderate chance of unleashing two attacks instead of one when attacking.

Deals Earth damage to target(s).

The Attack has an Effect of 240 and costs zero Skill Points. The range is 2 squares all around with an area of effect of one.

“Howling Crusher”
Deals Earth damage to target(s), with a moderate chance of reducing their PHYS DEF and SP DEF two ranks.

The Howling Crusher Attack has an Effect of 325 and costs 65 Skill Points. The range is 4 squares forward and sideways with an area of effect one.


Fire: 30 (strong against fire)

Water: 100 (strong against water)

Wind: -120 (weak against wind)

Earth: 80 (strong against earth)

Light: 50 (strong against light)

Dark: 0


SaberLeomon evolves from



SaberLeomon has reached the final evolution.

Release: July 28th, 2022
Developer: Witch Craft Co., Ltd., Hyde, Witchcraft
Publisher: BNE Entertainment, Namco Bandai Games America Inc.
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom.

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