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Kuwagamon – All You need to know

Here’s all you need for Digimon Survive’s ID047 KUWAGAMON!

Kuwagamon is a Champion Digimon, which is the second form, and his strength is “Attack”.

A Wrathful (Virus) Digimon (see the Virus symbol) and therefore STRONG AGAINST HARMONIOUS (DATA) Digimon (the ones with the Cube symbol).

Kuwagamon Full View


An Insectoid monster with giant pincers on its head that possesses excellent combat abilities. Protected by its strength and sturdy shell, the incredible power of Kuwagamon’s pincers trap its foes and squeeze the life out of them.


When fighting with Digimon, you can also choose to talk to them. They will ask you one of seven question and you can fill a bar above them. When you manage to fill three of the six cubes to fill the bar, it will turn friendly and you can either ask it to join or to give you an item.

Here are the conversation answers:

“Gawoooo…?” (The monster seems perplexed by the sight of a human.) –> [SIGH AT HIM.]

“Grraaawr!” (The monster thrashes about on the spot.) –> [JUST WAIT.]

*gurgle* (The monster seems to be pleading hungrily.) –> [GIVE HIM WATER.]

“Grrrr…” (The monster has taken a threatening stance!) –> [TAKE A STEP BACK.]

“…” (The monster looks away, as if bored.) –> [KEEP TALKING TO HIM.]

“Me…eat you…okay?” –> TRY IT, IF YOU DARE.

“Human…no good!” –> PLEASE LISTEN TO ME.


“Mighty Shears”
Raises PHYS ATK one rank.

Deals Wind damage to target(s).

The Attack has an Effect of 85 and costs zero Skill Points. The range is 2 squares with an area of effect of one.

“Scissor Claw”
Deals Wind damage to target(s). Ignores target’s. Ignores target’s stat boosts when dealing damage.

The Scissor Claw Attack has an Effect of 175 and costs 30 Skill Points. The range is 2 squares left and right. Area of effect of total 3.


Fire: -75 (weak against fire)

Water: 0

Wind: 30 (strong against wind)

Earth: 35 (strong against earth)

Light: 0

Dark: 0


Kuwagamon evolves from

Kuwagamon can evolve into two different Digimon: