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JewelBeemon – All You need to know

Here’s all you need for Digimon Survive’s ID072 JEWELBEEMON!

JewelBeemon is an Ultimate Digimon, which is the third form, and his strength is “Attack”.

A Moral (Vaccine) Digimon (see the Drop symbol) and therefore STRONG AGAINST WRATHFUL (VIRUS) Digimon (the ones with the Virus symbol).

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JewelBeemon Full View


This Insectoid monster emits a rainbow shimmer like a jewel beetle. JewelBeemon’s prismatic armor changes colors at different angles, providing protection and dazzling the enemy. This melee expert prefers beautiful battles.


When fighting with Digimon, you can also choose to talk to them. They will ask you one of seven question and you can fill a bar above them. When you manage to fill three of the six cubes to fill the bar, it will turn friendly and you can either ask it to join or to give you an item.

Here are the conversation answers:

“It’s hard to believe there are monsters out there that coexist with humans…” –> FRIENDS HELP FRIENDS!

“Those whose positions waver from little more than words do not amount to much.” –> NEVER HAPPENED TO ME.

“Do you like the moon? The sight of a full moon is so heart warming, don’t you think?” –> REMINDS YOU OF YOU?

“Some things in this world cannot be overturned… Do you know of what I speak?” –> TALENT, RIGHT?

“What would you say is your favourite expression?” –> SURVIVAL OF FITTEST.

“Inferior creature, surrender and you may yet live!” –> LIKE I’D BELIEVE THAT!

“Supreme beings can’t be understood by others. But that doesn’t mean I’m lonely or anything! –> I GET IT. ME TOO.


“Gorgeous Armor”
Returns a certain amount of damage back to the opponent when hit by a special attack.

Deals Earth damage to target(s).

The Attack has an Effect of 135 and costs zero Skill Points. The range is 2 squares around with an area of effect of one.

“Spike Buster”
Deals Wind damage to target(s), with a moderate chance of raising your PHYS ATK, SP ATK, and SPD one rank.

The Spike Buster Attack has an Effect of 250 and costs 40 Skill Points. The range is 4 squares forward and sideways with an area of effect of one.


Fire: -100 (weak against fire)

Water: 0

Wind: 50 (strong against wind)

Earth: 50 (strong against wind)

Light: 0

Dark: 0


JewelBeemon evolves from two Digimon



JewelBeemon evolves into two Digimon:



Release: July 28th, 2022
Developer: Witch Craft Co., Ltd., Hyde, Witchcraft
Publisher: BNE Entertainment, Namco Bandai Games America Inc.
Official Website: