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Gigadramon – All You need to know

Here’s all you need for Digimon Survive’s ID079 GIGADRAMON!

Gigadramon is an Ultimate Digimon, which is the third form, and his strength is “Attack”.

A Wrathful (Virus) Digimon (see the Virus symbol) and therefore STRONG AGAINST HARMONIOUS (DATA) Digimon (the ones with the Cube symbol).

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Gigadramon Full View


A Dark Dragon monster remodeled at the same time as Megadramon. Gigadramon is a combat dragon armed to the teeth through further remodeling. Its special move Genocidal Gears fires organic missiles from its arms.


When fighting with Digimon, you can also choose to talk to them. They will ask you one of seven question and you can fill a bar above them. When you manage to fill three of the six cubes to fill the bar, it will turn friendly and you can either ask it to join or to give you an item.

Here are the conversation answers:

“I’ll pulverize ya! Gwaaahhahahahaaa!” –> NOT IF I BEAT YOU!

“I want to do nothing but fun things! You too, right?” –> EVEN MORE THAN YOU!

“Ain’t you a frail-looking thing. You eating enough meat?” –> YOU LOOK STRONG.

“Uurrgh… Waiting around makes me wanna go crazy!” –> [STARE IN AMAZEMENT]

“Did you know? Taking a nap after stuffing your face is just the best!” –> THANKS FOR THE LESSON!

“Arrrrgh! Grraaaargh!” Anyone else just gets in my way!” –> THAT’S CRAZY TALK.

“This is my turf! Leave some food and get outta here!” –> I’LL THINK ABOUT IT.


“Battle Dragon”
Raises PHYS ATK one rank and increases damage dealt by Dark attacks two ranks.

Deals Dark Damage to target(s).

The Attack has an Effect of 150 and costs zero Skill Points. The range is 3 squares all around with an area of effect of one.

“Genocidal Gears”
Deals Fire damage to target(s), with a high chance of raising the power of your PHYS ATK attacks two ranks.

The Genocidal Gears Attack has an Effect of 250 and costs 45 Skill Points. The range is 4 squares all around with an area of effect of one.


Fire: 50 (strong against fire)

Water: -50 (weak against water)

Wind: 50 (strong against wind)

Earth: -50 (weak against earth)

Light: -50 (weak against light)

Dark: 50 (strong against dark)


Gigadramon evolves from


Gigadramon can evolve into two different Digimon:



Release: July 28th, 2022
Developer: Witch Craft Co., Ltd., Hyde, Witchcraft
Publisher: BNE Entertainment, Namco Bandai Games America Inc.
Official Website:
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