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Complete! The Clean and Snatch – “LOST & FOUND” Collectibles

“The Clean and Snatch” Lost & Found is taking place at the pools of LA. Here’s where to collect the items.


Adieu mon pâté de poulet <3

That means goodbye my sweet M in French. My buddy taught it to me. Said if I was leaving, I gotta have a good send-off line. But… now it just looks kind of stupid.

I want to be real with you. I’m leaving tomorrow. You’re the only good thing that’s ever happened to me in this whole sh*tty state, and I can’t stay just for you, as much as I wish I could.

I’m not very good at goodbyes, so I hope the contents of this box will be enough. Ms Kwon said she’ll look after it while I finish my last round of the Beverly Hills pools to collect any last checks and tips before I get out of LA for good.

Ok, spoilers! It’s this fancy antique looking sword I liberated from your alcoholic asshole of a neighbor. You know the one who’s always crashing your parties? Not good at remembering the names of bozos. Well, turns out his pool needed a cleaning, so I gave him the A** (A**hole’s Special Service), and voilà! You get a sword.

What can I say, a**hole customers get a**hole results.

Don’t forget me too soon <3

Yours forever,

As soon as you opened up Roxy’s house at Beverly Hills as Safe House, this message is on top of the box that is in the swimming pool…

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Pool cleaner hasn’t shown up



Sigh. What girl’s stolen his heart in exchange for an urgent pool clean this time?

Does he have any hearts left to steal? This price plan can’t be sustainable, surely

You remember when we first hired him and arrived home to a lovely clean pool… buried in rose petals

Ha! I’m never forgetting that one

Thought we were the new girl from down the road, poor kid

The look on his face when we showed up. Worth every penny spent filtering out those damn petals

And that was EXPENSIVE

It was… you know there is a new one he hasn’t shut up about for over a month now

A whole month! The kid must be in love. Go on, is she worthy of the grand rose petal treatment?

Well, I wouldn’t hold out for a wedding invite. She’s having too much fun yanking on his leash. But let’s just say that I know of one pool in Bel-Air that’s getting daily visits

This collectible is just next door at Farouk’s House in Beverly Hills. It’s on one of the loungers by the pool.

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Hey Mr #1 favorite customer,

Cleaned up your pool just the way you like and threw in a free chlorine shock treatment for good measure. Hope you’re not afraid of a little pizzazz, because that water is SPARKLING.

BTW, I noticed you have one of those unicorn rubber rings just floating by itself…
Poor guy should really have a buddy, don’t you think? Well you weren’t home when I finished, but I figured, Mr Anders is a chill dude. He’ll let me borrow it for a day or two, right?

My girl’s been DYING to get her hands on one of these AND she has this cute little pizza floatie to keep it company.

Promise I’ll replace it with a new one tomorrow!


Go to Michael’s house in Beverly Hills. Inside the empty pool is a phone with this message.

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The key to the chest in Roxy’s Pool at Beverly Hills is at the GOAT PEN in BEL-AIR. Enter the house through the main door, go downstairs where the yellow piano is. The key is lying next to it on the floor. All you need to do now is go back to Roxanne’s House and open the chest in the pool.



heeey hun I know we haven’t booked you in for today, but there’s something SERIOUSLY stanky floating around in our pool im too scared to touch it… i think it might be a body and i cant find dan ANYWHERE so you can bet your bett he’s hiding nearby and recording the whole damn thing
idiot thinks a prank channel is what’s really going to bring in the views… as if
i wouldn’t ask unless it was super suuuper urgent but we’re supposed to be streaming a live pool party tonight & my viewers CANNOT see me grossed out like this!
nauseated green is so not my color
please be my hero, I’ll make it up to you ;P ;P

For you, anything <3
Be there in 20mins

With the key, go back to Roxanne’s House in Beverly Hills and open the box. Obi’s phone is inside.

Release: April 21st, 2023
Developer: Dambuster Studios
Publisher: Deep Silver
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom