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Contraband Police – Complete Chapter 1 Game Walkthrough

Welcome to the complete walkthrough of the “Contraband Police” video game. Here you find a day-by-day guide on what to do on which day in the training days so you become the master at your business!

Basic movement controls are as usual WASD for walking and shift for running. Controls in general look quite basic:

The full list of controls needed to play the game | camzillasmomcom

DAY 1: Training

The game starts with you in the car, being driven to your new workplace, the Acaristan border post in Karikatka. As soon as he stops, face the car’s door and exit with “E”. This is the basic “Interaction key

Go to the centre of the post and Chapter 1: Training starts. The game is quite good in highlighting the next steps with a yellow arrow or even yellow exclamation marks, so you’ll always know where to go. Now we need to go to the office.

The office of the Acaristan border post in Karitkatka located in the centre of the location | camzillasmomcom
The highlighted office building.

Inside the building, pick up the Flashlight. Below it is the Duty Folder which you will automatically pick up too. Now you can open it with TAB.

The Duty Folder has a map, which opens up to the left when you click on it and also the “Border Control Duty Handbook”. Click on it and you will see the tasks of the day.

The open Border Control Duty Handbook which contains an overview map and the Papers Checks Tasks of the day Name and Surname Expiration Date Passport Number and Photo | camzillasmomcom

Today’s task will be Papers Check of Name and Surname, Expiration Date, Passport Number and Photo. If you click on each on the listed items in the Border Control Duty Handbook, you will get additional information on what you have to pay attention to. Here they are:

Exit the building and start your shift by using the lever highlighted by the yellow marker.

Talk to the driver of the car and take his passport.

Look for:

  1. Name spelling errors
  2. If the passport is still valid. Today’s date is the 16. April 1981.
  3. If the passport number is the same on all documents.
  4. Passport photo fits to the driver’s face.

Highlight all errors in the Inspection Report that is inside the Border Control Duty Handbook. Leave a clean report if there are no errors. Talk to the driver again when you’re finished and give the document an approval or disapproval stamp. Repeat this process until there are no more cars.

Rest in the caravan to finish the day.

DAY 2: Smugglers

At the start of the day, check out the green information board in the centre of the border post. Additional to the tasks you had on DAY 1, you now have to look for smugglers and the information you’ve received on them. In my case, I have two info’s on two smugglers. A partial registration number for the first and the age of the second.

The Information Board with tip offs about two smugglers posted | camzillasmomcom

Luckily, the first car’s registration number just fits and I’ve found the first smuggler. Open the car’s door and ask the driver to step out of the vehicle. Now turn on your Flashlight with “F” and hit “F” again for the UV function. With UV you will be able to see contraband in those potential hiding spots. Contraband is highlighted with a snake symbol:

| camzillasmomcom

This time, the contraband is in the backseat of the car. Exit and pick up the knife from the table outside. It will automatically bind to the number 1 on your keyboard. Go back to the backseat at slash it with the knife until you get the notification that you’ve found contraband.

Next, open the hood and grab the pack of cocaine that is visible inside the motor. Now talk to the driver and arrest him. The prison cell can hold 3 people at the beginning. It can be upgraded to increase room and security.

Also in this building is the Warehouse. More the recovered cocaine from your inventory into storage and then ask an officer to clear the car away from the inspection zone. Before you return to your inspection duties, pick up three additional tools from the table: A pitchfork, an axe and a crowbar. They are – like the knife – automatically bound to the numbers 2-4.
Check out the Border Control Duty Handbook. It has been updated with information on where contraband can be hidden and what tools you’ll need to find them.

Inspect all the cars and rest in the caravan to finish the day.

DAY 3: Going for a ride

Today, you will transport the prisoners to the Labour Camp and deliver the contraband you intercepted to the Police Base. You will also be introduced to “Vlad’s Store” where you can buy work tools.


Enter the Custody Room and transfer them to the police car. You just talk to them and choose the transfer option. Then go to the storage room and interact with the list on the door to transfer everything to your inventory.

The police car is waiting at the highlighted location at the police garage. Interact with the police car’s trunk to move all contraband into the trunk. Now you can enter the car, open the Duty Folder with TAB and find the Labor Camp. Now you have to drive there.

Turn on the lights and the engine as indicated to start driving. Head to the right and keep to your right, past the Carat Motel until you encounter a fallen tree over the road. Turn off the engine with “G” and exit the car to take care of the tree with the axe. You should have picked up one already and should be assigned to number 1-4 on your keyboard. Just hit the tree a couple of times with it.

Continue your drive past the Old Ruins, to the Labour Camp entrance right in front of a tunnel. They will open the gates when you drive through.
Stop in the camp and go over to the local guard to give the order to transfer the prisoners. This will earn you some money.


For Vlad’s Shop, check the map first with “M” so you know where to drive. Head back where you came from, past the Old ruins and turn right. Vlad’s Shop is a house by the road.

Vlad | camzillasmomcom's Shop by the side of the road with a visitor sitting at the porch and an "Open" sign on the door.

Enter the shop and talk to Vlad to trade. A pistol with ammo would be a nice choice. But I pick a shovel for now.


Check the map again to see where the Police Base is. It’s in the north east of the map. So drive east and head north at the cemetery.

The police base looks more like a drive through warehouse. Turn off the motor, exit the truck and talk to the officer to hand over the contraband. Then head back to the Border Post to end your day in the caravan.

DAY 4: Cargo Regulations

On this day, you will be introduced to “Entry Regulations”. Check the green board in the centre of the Border Post and next to hints for a smuggler, you will also find Entry Regulations. A cargo list is introduced for drivers.

So now you also have to check if the cargo is accurate or not.

The green board that shows changes in entry regulations to the left and smuggler tip offs to the right | camzillasmomcom
Entry Regulations and Smuggler tip-offs

Remember: On top of that you still have to check the passports.
Let the first truck in by using the lever and ask for the documents. Then pick up the Cargo Notebook from the nearby table. Go to the back of the truck, open and enter it. Now you can note and count every item in the truck by holding the left mouse button.

Cross-check this information with the cargo list in the Duty Folder (TAB).

Finish the day by working all the cars and rest in the caravan to start the last day of training.

DAY 5: Final Exam

Last day. Time to show them what you’ve learned in the past days. As every day from now on, check the green board for new Entry Regulations and Smuggler tipp-offs.

On this last day, you will also introduced to small trading with drivers. Sell that pack of (legal) cigarettes of yours and buy something if you like!

Then, the whole thing starts to get chaotic when a guy with a sculptured cow in the back drives through the barrier and you have to chase him with the police car. Arrest him when you caught up to him and quickly drive back to the Border Post to pick up the phone.

After you’ve hung up, get the gun from the table outside – it’s key bound to 5 or 6 on your keyboard and drive to the Sawmill.
After the cutscene you end up in a fight that you most probably don’t win… but we’ll see…

You’ve passed the training days! Good luck from now on!

Release: March 8th, 2023
Developer: Crazy Rocks
Publisher: Playway S.A.
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom