The Sinking City

I’ve been playing The Sinking City (Video Game) the last 3 days and I started to put up some guides and walkthroughs but unfortunately, I won’t continue.

The Sinking City is developed by Frogwares and is a scary detective game set in a flooded town. So you, the detective have to solve cases that lead you around town but also under water – occasionally fight ugly monsters with scarce bullets.

I was actually a bit cautious when I read that Frogwares developed the game. They also developed the Sherlock Holmes Titles and same with those, I didn’t finish them.

So, why can’t I get myself to finish?
Well firstly, it’s the graphics. Looks like nothing has changed since the “Sherlock Holmes” times. The characters look ugly, as if all of them never sleep and mostly live on crack. The environment, buildings all look the same. When you entered a couple of houses you’ll notice they all have the same layout, just with closed doors on this one and a passage in the other one.

Secondly, the Mission / Case setup. Repetitive and boring. At the beginning of an investigation, you think “oh! That’s interesting. Let’s do this”. But after the 4th, 5th or 6th location you just want to walk away for a break.
Also, the fighting system is more than basic, clunky and just not really my thing. They run towards you, they spit, hide in walls (yeah that’s a bug not a feature) and all you can do is shoot (if you’re lucky enough to have bullets) because melee takes you to an even earlier grave…

And at last… the bugs. Today, I got hit by a bug wall and based on all of the above, I just decided that I can’t bear it anymore.

Good night, “The Sinking City”. Hopes were high, the fall painful…

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