Judgment (Video Game)

Judgment (Video Game) is an action-adventure set in the Yakuza universe. Get ready for a lot of fighting and story telling with P.I. Yagami.

Yagami, Detective Yagami

The story starts with a young super star lawyer, Yagami, who did the great thing to successfully defend a culprit at court. Well, it quickly goes down the drain when said culprit commited a murder right after he was released.

Unable to deal with the guilt and pain, Yagami (the player) is now working as a not so fully booked private investigator with a former Yakuza sidekick and cool fighting skills.

Murder and Cake Theft

The cases as a Private Investigator vary and Yagami is not so picky. Everyone has to earn money to live. So cases go from Murder to Cake or Panty theft (which can involve to ask clients, what panties they’re wearing). Why being picky?

Yagami – Private Investigator at work

There is always a case that pops up around the main story line: Finding an eye stabbing murderer. Of course this is not so easy as it sounds like, since Yagami gets cought up in the midst of warring clans.
Good thing, he’s not only equipt with a smart brain but also with skilled fighting skills.

P.I.’s run a lot

Well, it’s true. Private Investigators get around. So be ready wo walk or run a lot from location to location in town.

Kamurocho Town Map

Kamurocho Town, the place Yagami is running around a lot, is not so big. It’s full of Office Buildings, Arcades, Shops and Restaurants.
Office Buildings are mostly meeting points for cases, Arcades are full with mini games that you can play or get collectibles from, in Shops you can buy food, clothing, quest items or presents for friends and in Restaurants you can fill up Yagami’s health meter when it drops from fighting.
So there is a lot to do when not following the Story Mission. You can even find a girlfriend or two or three or four…

Fighting System

The game has four difficulty levels. From Simple, that will do all the fighting and combos for you, to Hard for people who like the fighting challenge. Which brings me to the Skills System.

Judgment Skill Tree

The Skills System in Judgment has 3 sections:

  1. Ability (27)
  2. Battle (51)
  3. Special (48)

The first two are the fighting focused ones. While Ability Skills contain more overall increasing skills like Boosts of Health, Attack and Combo, the Battle Skills are more specific fight combos.
The Special Section contains skills for overall gameplay. Like better lockpicking, better skills during Search Modes or while tailing someone.

The amouth of 126 Skills is quite impressive and means that a huge amount of SP has to be collected to get all of them.


The story in Judgment is interesting, complex and rich. There are a lot of either serious or funny cases you can choose from when not chasing the main story line. Also get involved in many Side activities: From finding friends, a girlfriend, going to the arcade for mini games or drone racing.

What I didn’t like so much is the running around in the city without alternatives of transportation. Yes, there are taxis but they are on a fix location at the border of the map and you can only use them to “fast travel” to another taxi location.
So that running around in the relatively small map, with the same old groups attacking me while doing so, can get a bit tiring

But all in all I liked playing and would buy a next title.


Liked the game, ergo you can find the guides here:


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