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The Flesh is Weak – The Trappers – Haunting Case – Banishers Ghosts of New Eden

While returning to New Eden, Red and Anthea come across a solitary trapper living in a squalid, maggot-infested dwelling. This encounter marks the beginning of the inaugural Haunting Case in the game, titled “The Flesh is Weak – The Trappers.” Uncover all six clues to unravel the mystery and crack the case!

1 – Start: The Flesh is Weak – Haunting Case

“The Flesh is Weak” is an important Hunting Case in The Dark Woods region, with significant consequences. To progress beyond this area, you’ll need a rope found exclusively in the Trappers’ hovel. Follow the map below to begin this case.

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Meet Jacob

Anthea is already aware that there is someone inside the hovel who seems suspicious. As you step in, playing as Red, you will immediately notice the presence of flies, an unpleasant stench, and decaying meat. Inside, you will meet a Trapper named Jacob, who will offer you some stew and mention that he is patiently waiting for his friend Ben. Jacob has refrained from hunting due to the scarcity of game, while Ben, being more skilled, will likely pursue his hunting activities regardless. Once you’ve engaged in a conversation with Jacob, you will uncover the first of six valuable hints for this intriguing case:

Before you leave the hovel to find Ben, have a look around. You can gather two more hints here. There is a piece of meat on a small chopping table that is crawling with maggots. The same with the sleeping mat on the floor. Jacob doesn’t seem to be squeamish that’s for sure!

Find Ben

As you leave the hovel, stay on the left side and locate a noticeable yellow gap on the wall for easy traversal (clearly marked in yellow). Antea will draw your attention to the thick fog below in the valley. Stick to the left, where you can descend using the rope. In the dense quickmyst, Red’s visibility is limited, while Antea remains unaffected. On the PS5, you can easily switch between Red and Antea by pressing the triangle button. Antea is immune to this phenomenon. She will observe a blue interference emanating from peculiar stalagmites, appearing as pulsing circles.

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Demolish the stalagmites and defeat the lurking ghosts. After your triumph, examine the circular imprint on the ground and conduct the Harkening Ritual. This ritual calls for 3 Wild Chervil and 1 Lilac Hyacinth, both found in this valley. Discover the secrets of this exact location and uncover what transpired here.

To locate Ben’s body, head to the spot where Jacob pushed him down the cliff. Descend to the water by locating the yellow stone wall on the opposite side of the cliff. Once you reach the bottom, you will find Ben’s body. Examine it for the subsequent clue.

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Return to Jacob

After you’ve found Ben, return to Jacob at the hovel. He’s outside now so you can enter the hovel and investigate it without interruptions. Look for the bowl of stew that Jacob offered to Red when meeting him the first time. It’s on top of the big chest at the back of the room.

Now you can interact with a glowing circle on the floor in the center of the room to use the “Make-Manifest” Ritual. It requires the Bowl and Spoon that you’ve just picked up, 3 Wild Chervil, and 2 Hoof Fungus.

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This will summon Ben’s ghost and you can talk to him to get the last hint of the case.

Confront Jacob

With all the hints collected, it is time to confront Jacob about what really happened. After the conversation, you can choose Jacob and Ben’s faith. If you’re kind, you will let Jacob live and let Ben ascend. But if you focus on your love, then you have to choose differently. See the choices in the screenshot below.

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Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden
Release: February 13th, 2024
Developer: Don’t Nod
Publisher: Focus Entertainment
Official Website:
Written by: Camzillasmom