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Haunted Grounds Mount Pleasant – Complete Walkthrough – Banishers

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden has a couple of puzzle locations that you have to solve to get to a chest at the very end. Those puzzle locations are called “Haunted Grounds”. The Haunted Grounds at Mount Pleasant are inside an Icy Cavern in the very north of the map. Here’s how you get there and how to solve the Haunted Grounds.

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1 – How to get to the Haunted Grounds: Icy Cavern

The closest shelter/campfire to fast-travel is the Bligh Domain in the screenshot below. The red circle highlights the Icy Cavern Haunted Grounds.

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As you get close to the location, switch to Antea. She will see weird, glowing markings on the walls to point out where you have to go. There is a Creeping Ivy that you have to destroy so you can go past it towards the markings. There are two roots that you have to destroy. Stand where Antea is now on the screenshot, and destroy the heart with her. Then shoot two roots with Red. One of them is to the right and one just behind Antea.

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Now follow the path to where the Ivy root was. Climb down and look for a gap in the wall that has icicles in front of it. Just melee attack the icicles and enter.

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2 – How to Solve the Icy Cavern Haunted Grounds

Welcome to the Icy Cavern. It is full of Creeping Ivy puzzles that have to be solved before you can get to the treasure.

First, have a look around the cave. There is a higher path where you can use Antea’s Outburst ability to drop a big icicle to the floor, as shown in the screenshot below. Just stand close to the big glowing icicle and use Outburst.

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You can now use the same icicle on the floor as a bridge to be able to get to higher grounds. Make yourself familiar with this area. There are two icewalls that you can destroy with Antea’s Outburst.

Look for this heart that you have to destroy first:

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Before you can destroy this Creeping Ivy, make sure you make your way below the heart. There is an Ice wall that you have to burst with Antea’s Outburst before you can access the root bulb with Red. There is a narrow wall path just to the right of the screenshot shown above.

Then you can destroy the following root bulbs:

Everything has been cleared from the first Creeping Ivy now. As you climb down you now should see a Leap spot with Antea from ground level up to the chest. But the chest is protected by another Creeping Ivy.

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Go back to where the heart of the first Creeping Ivy was. Play as Antea and find the heart of the second Creeping Ivy. Make your way up. Find another Ice Wall and destroy it with Antea. Behind it, there is a narrow yellow wall passage, followed by a yellow wall going up. It’s a dead end. But Red’s hand will start to glow blue. Switch to Antea and you will see another one of those big blue icicles. Use Outburst to let it drop.

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The dropped icicle just opened up another passage. You will see it when you look down. Use this passage to get to the Creeping Ivy heart.

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Now for the bulbs… There are four bulbs to destroy! One is just above the treasure. Then, go back to where you came from and stand on the icicle that Antea dropped. One orange bulb is up to the left and the other one is up to the right. But there is a third root going down. Follow this root with Antea – their glow is better visible – to a gap jump path that is blocked by another icicle. Destroy this one as well with Outburst to be able to cross. Just around the corner is the fourth bulb.

You can now go back to the ground floor, and use the one Leap to get up to the treasure. As soon as you pick up the treasure, the Haunted Grounds – Icy Cavern is solved.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden
Release: February 13th, 2024
Developer: Don’t Nod
Publisher: Focus Entertainment
Official Website:
Written by: Camzillasmom