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All Collectibles in New Eden Town 100% – Banishers Ghosts of New Eden

Antea and Red have limited time in New Eden Town, which explains the presence of only four collectibles here. Please refer to the map below for their precise locations.

In Banishers: Ghost of Eden, collectibles are documents with a purple background.

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When the Banishers arrive in New Eden Town, all the houses are locked and two collectibles can not be accessed. As you finally return to the town, all the doors are open and you can get the collectibles.

1 – Charles’ House – Where do nightmares come from?

This collectible can be found at the very beginning of the game in Charles’ and Esther’s house. After talking to Esther, Antea can walk around freely. Climb the staircase up and go to the bedroom. Right next to the door is a barrel with a candle and this document on it.

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2 – Pennington’s House – The Ghost of War

Pennington’s House is locked at the start of the game. Wait until Antea and Red return to New Eden to enter it. It is near the Inn at the main square. Inside, enter the first room to the left. The collectible is straight ahead on the bookshelf and is called “The Ghost of War”.

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3 – The School – Banishers Techniques

Enter the school – the only place with a campfire – in New Eden. Once inside go straight away. The document can be found on top of a table.

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4 – Haskell’s House – The Last Settlement of New Eden

Haskell’s House is situated atop the hill, closest to the meeting house. At the start of the game, it remains closed and can only be accessed later when Red and Antea return to New Eden. Prior to entering, you must eliminate the Creeping Ivy by following the three roots and destroying the orange glowing orbs with Red’s help. One of the orbs is located behind a cart that needs to be moved in order to access it.

Inside Haskell’s House, climb the stairs and go to the bedroom. The collectible document is right on top of a shelf unit next to the door.

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All Collectibles New Eden Town – Walkthrough Video

Watch my walkthrough video on YouTube!

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden
Release: February 13th, 2024
Developer: Don’t Nod
Publisher: Focus Entertainment
Official Website:
Written by: Camzillasmom