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The Unsung Hunter Quest Walkthrough Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

The Unsung Hunter Quest is a Side Quest in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. This quest starts at Hometree – Aranahe Clan Home. There are two Na’vi arguing in the Commons. This starts the quest.

Talk to Aleymun and Neyan

You can find Aleymun and Neyan in The Commons, located on the second floor of the Hometree. Simply go up the ramp inside the Hometree to reach The Commons.

A screenshot of Aleymun and Neyan talking in the Commons of Hometree | camzillasmomcom

An aircraft went down nearby and Aleymun wants to investigate, while Neyan is more reluctant. Before the quest starts, he even tells you to stay away. So, even more, of a reason to investigate…

Locate the Crash Aleymun Mentioned

You will get three hints about where the crash site is. First, Aleymun started her patrol of the Silk Woods from Weaver’s Flourish camp. (both are named on the map). Then, she crossed The Treaded River heading southwest and then she saw smoke from a construction site among the Cocoon Hills. If you’re playing the unguided way, you will have to find the crash site yourself. Otherwise, it is marked on the map:

A screenshot of the ingame map that shows the location of Construction Site Echo | camzillasmomcom

Just head to the southeast of the Hometree. Then you will soon see smoke and Aleymun. Talk to her to continue.

Investigate Construction Site Echo with Aleymun

At the Construction Site Echo, you have to investigate what happened. Scan the site. 6 clues are highlighted when you scan them. These can be combined into three pairs. Connect them like this:

1. Aircraft Debris – Broken Tree

On the floor at the Construction Site Echo, you’ll find a large aircraft piece near the spot where you met Aleymun. Not far away, there’s a Broken Tree. Connect these two to uncover the first clue about what happened here.

A screenshot of the two clues that need to be linked together | camzillasmomcom

2. RDA Corpses – Broken Spear

Those two clues are quite close together. Look for the two corpses on the floor. There is a broken spear nearby. Connect those clues together.

A screenshot of the two clues that need to be linked together | camzillasmomcom

3. Ikran Prints – RPG Launcher

Scan for a big smudge on the floor. Those are Ikran Prints. Then, scan for an RPG Launcher on the floor inside the camp. Connect those two.

A screenshot of the two clues that need to be linked together | camzillasmomcom

Talk to Aleymun after you’ve solved the investigation. She’s still somewhere in the camp.

Track the Scent of Aircraft Fuel

We need to track down the remaining parts of the aircraft after discovering a small piece at Construction Site Echo. Scan the area to locate the fuel scent, which appears as a blue line in the air, leading southwest.

On the crash site, you will find a group of RDA soldiers that you have to fight before you can continue with the quest.

Talk to Aleymun

After defeating the RDA Soldiers, you can return to the Hometree and have a discussion with Aleymun about what happened. The threat is now eliminated. She’s returned to the commons where we found her at the start of the quest.

In the discussion, it turns out that Neyan caused them to crash in the first place and was too embarrassed to admit it. The quest is complete.

Release: December 7th, 2023
Developer: Massive Entertainment
Publisher: Ubisoft
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