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The Missing Hunter Quest Walkthrough Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

The Missing Hunter Quest is a Main Story Quest in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. This quest comes after the quest “Eywa’s Blessing,” where you talk to Etuwa at the top of the Hometree – Aranahe Clan Home. Vefilu, who is distressed, is searching for Eetu and is coming to ask if Etuwa knows where he is. Vefilu wants Etuwa’s help in finding him. However, you offer to help instead.

Talk to Vefilu at The High Loom camp

To begin the quest, go talk to Velifu at the High Loom camp. The camp is located east of Tangled Lake and north of Hometree. If you’re unsure of its location, refer to the screenshot below. You can click to enlarge.

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Go to the High Loom camp. It’s mostly flat, with a pathway leading to it. Vefilu can be found inside the hut on the top level. Initially skeptical, Vefilu eventually accepts your offer to help. While the others search in the air, you can search nearby, since you don’t have an Ikran yet.

Look for Eetu

Eetu has a hideout nearby. It’s at the bottom of the hill north of The High Loom camp.

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There are a couple of RDA soldiers on site. You will see them when you scan the area. This means you’re at the right place. Defeat them and enter the cave – Mender’s Cave. This is Eetu’s hideout.

Investigate Mender’s Cave to find Eetu

Inside the cave, you have to investigate what happened. Scan the cave. There are 6 clues that are highlighted when you scan them. These six clues can be combined into three pairs. Connect these highlighted clues with each other like this:

1. Dead RDA soldier – Broken Bow

There are two deceased soldiers from the RDA lying on the floor, having been killed by arrows. Across from them, atop a stone table, is a bow that is broken.

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2. Discarded Food – Eetu’s Headpiece

Look for the Discarded Food on top of the stone table near the Dead Soldiers and link it with Eetu’s Headpiece at the back of the cave.

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3. Broken Ikran Gear – Scratch Marks

The Broken Ikran Gear is on the floor next to the stone table with the broken bow. The scratch marks are at the back of the cave leading up to an opening above.

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Track the Wounded Ikran from Mender’s Cave

Go inside the cave where you’ll find Scratch Marks and Ikran blood. Climb to the top and scan the area for a red line, which indicates the scent of the Ikran blood. Follow this line until you reach a burning area where an Ikran is fighting the RDA. Your task is to defend Eetu’s Ikran named “Zomey” from the RDA. Defeat three waves of soldiers before the blue bar in the top left corner reaches zero. If the bar depletes, Zomey will die and you will fail.

After the fight, check on Zomey. It is in front of the crashed RDA dragon ship and will fly on top of it when you come too close.

Help Eetu get out of the Dragon Ship

Turns out Eetu is trapped inside the crashed Dragon Ship. Scan the ship and you will see the loading bay at the bottom of the ship highlighted. After the conversation with Eetu, the SID tool (the hacking tool) will blink. Activate it with the indicated combination. On PS5 use L1+Triangle. You will then see the power lines. A broken power line is at the top of the Dragon Ship, where Zomey, Eetu’s Ikrah is sitting.

Approach it slowly and hold the square button when prompted to soothe it. It will then fly away instead of just kicking you off the ship.

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You can now fix the power line. Repaired power lines appear in green. Follow it down and fix all the boxes that are not green yet, as you learned at the beginning of the game. If you can’t remember how check the Tutorials section in the game menu. The power line goes all the way to the loading bay. There’s a lever you can use to open the door partially. Interact with it to continue the quest.

Find a Way to Escape the Downed Dragon Ship

After the cutscene, you are also trapped in the Dragon Ship. Again, use the SID tool to hack a power box on ground level. This will open up a minigame, where you have to follow a certain path to the target to activate the power box.

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Talk to Eetu on the Shore at the Crash Site

In the cutscene, you will jump into the water. Swim on land and talk to Eetu. He is badly injured and wants to find Zomey to fly to safety. Follow him while he’s looking for his Ikran. As you both can’t find her and Eetu is too weak, you will now have to track her. Scan the area for her scent and follow it towards the south. Soon, you will see her outlined while you scan. She’s on top of a mountain.

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Climb up to her. There are a couple of thick branches you can use to gain height. As soon as you reach her, another cutscene starts, where you will call for Eetu that you’ve found her. He’ll arrive quickly to sadly, see her die.

To finish the quest, just leave Eetu be. As soon as you’re far enough, the quest will end.

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