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Gatherer Gone – Quest Walkthrough – Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Gatherer Gone is a Side Quest in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. To start, speak to Neytu at the center of the Hometree – Aranahe Clan Home at ground level. She’s concerned about a gatherer – Vu’an – who hasn’t returned to the Hometree yet.

Ask the People at Shaded Grove Camp about Vu’an

The Shaded Grove Camp is quite far away from the Hometree. It’s in the far west, as shown on the map below. Click to enlarge.

A screenshot that shows the Shaded Grove Camp on the ingame map | camzillasmomcom

At the camp, look for a Na’vi called Lurei. She can give you a clue where to look next. When I found Lurei, she was playing the drums at the upper level.

Locate Vu’an’s Gathering Spot

You will get three hints about where Vuan’s gathering spot is. First, she likes to gather downhill from Shaded Grove Camp. Second, Vu’an was gathering herbs near Wisdom Lake. Lurei also thinks that Vu’an must be on the north shore if she couldn’t hear her music. If you’re playing the unguided way, you will have to find the spot with these clues. Otherwise, it is marked on the map:

A screenshot that shows Vu | camzillasmomcom'an's Gathering Spot on the map.

Just head north from the Shaded Grove Camp. You can even pick up the Ancestor Skill: Soft Landing on the way.

Investigate the Gathering Spot

At the Gathering Spot, you have to investigate what happened. Scan the site. There are 4 clues that have to be linked into two pairs.

1. Dead Viperwolf – Slashed Herb Bag

Scan for a Dead Viperwolf pinned onto a tree by arrows, then link it to the Slashed Herb Bag near the water at the center of the Gathering Spot.

A screenshot that shows the first linked pair for the Investigation at the Gathering Spot A Dead Viperwolf and a Slashed Herb Bag | camzillasmomcom
Dead Viperwolf to the left, Slashed Herb Bag to the right.

2. Scattered Arrows – Vu’an’s Bow

In the center of the camp, you will also find a couple of arrows stuck in the ground. Link those with Vu’an’s Bow. It is close to the Dead Viperwolf, outside of the camp.

A screenshot that shows the second pair of linked clues at the Gathering Spot Scattered Arrows and Vu | camzillasmomcom'an's bow.
Scattered Arrows to the left, Vu’an’s Bow to the right

Track the Scent of Herbs

Scan the area around the viper wolf and vu’an’s bow to pick up the scent of the herbs. It’s a blue line leading to the north. Follow it by frequently scanning the area until you find Vu’an.

Clear the Area of Viperwolves

When you find Vu’an she’s in a small cave with a fire barrier at the entrance. She’ll explain that she is trapped in the cave by an unnatural kind of Viperwolf. They’re faster and meaner. Also, you can’t track them because they have no scent.

There are three packs of Viperwolves in the area, led by their leader. Finding them without any scent is challenging. Your best option is to scan the surroundings of the tree and cave where Vu’an is trapped. You may either spot an outline of a Viperwolf by scanning or, more likely, they will attack you. Defeat the three packs and return to Vu’an to finish the quest.

| camzillasmomcom

Release: December 7th, 2023
Developer: Massive Entertainment
Publisher: Ubisoft
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