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Assassin’s Creed Mirage Al Bahamut Investigation Walkthrough

This is the complete walkthrough of the Al Bahamut Investigation in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. I will get you through all the Quests and Cases that will finally end in assassinating the Head of the Order.

Release: October 5th, 2023
Developer: Ubisoft Bordeaux
Publisher: Ubisoft
Official Website:


Return to the Harbiyah Bureau and you will be given three new cases/quests:



Before you run off to see the round city, talk to Fuladh at the Habiyah Bureau first. He has some more information. Ask about Arib, Muhammad, Qabiha, and the Round City in general.


In the “Fox and the Hunter” Quest, Basim is sent out to find Arib.

Now, go cross the inner city wall to the Round City. When your quest marker disappears, send up Enkidu for Eagle Vision. Focus on the courtyard of Arib’s house, find the door, and enter. You will get to know that the Patron made sure that she doesn’t have anything more to do with the Order and has sent back all the letters.

View down to Arib | camzillasmomcom's house

Next, you need to go and find those letters by infiltrating the Postal Bureau. Open your map and you will see the mission marker has been updated to a position north of Arib’s home.

Postal Bureau location on the map | camzillasmomcom

The Postal Bureau is closed, the back door is barred and it seems to be a restricted area. If you look out for guards, you can enter through the third-floor balcony.

Entrance point a the postal bureau | camzillasmomcom

As soon as you’re inside, the letters that you have to search through are highlighted in bright orange. There is a total of 5 scrolls, books, or letter piles that you can interact with. There is one letter that is very special and will give you the case of the “The Garden Recital”.

Highlighted letters | camzillasmomcom

The Garden Recital is another, new location on the map. It’s where Arib is hosting a recital, southeast of the Postal Bureau.

Recital location on the map | camzillasmomcom

After you’ve arrived, sit down at the highlighted bench, which starts a cutscene. She will notice Basim and he hands her the letter. The Patron will arrive with some soldiers that you have to fight.

Then you get the quest objective to “follow the mouse”. Activate assassin focus and you will see a big red mouse painted on house walls. Follow them to a place that looks like an Assassin’s Bureau. The location is shown in the screenshot below.

End location after following the mouse | camzillasmomcom

This will finish the quest and close the case.


Open your investigation tab and select the Muhammad investigation. You will get a quest marker for the court somewhere in the north of the Round City.

Quest starting location on the map | camzillasmomcom

When you arrive, the mission marker will disappear and you have to find the court yourself. There is a Marksman so you can’t use Enkidu. Just continue to go to the mission marker in your world map and you’ll find the place. It’s a building entrance.

Inside, activate your assassin focus. You can spot a person in bright orange that seems to be interesting to you. You can bribe him with a Scholar Favour Token if you want to. If you decline, he will give you the option to bring him some documents instead. You now have two mission markers on the map. Coins, to bribe the man with a Scholar Favor Token or you head to the speech bubble to get the documents.

Scholar location | camzillasmomcom

The speech bubble objective is in a room with a barred door in the same courtyard just next to the Scholar you just talked to.

There is another door in the courtyard that leads to a staircase to the second floor. But this access point is far from ideal.

I found it easier to access the second floor from the roof. I could just let myself drop next to the room with the speech bubble without being seen by the three soldiers on one side of the second floor. Then, I snuck inside, took care of the lonely soldiers that had the back towards me, and took the ladder down to the barred door ground floor. Take this evidence back to the scholar.

Evidence on the table | camzillasmomcom

The quest objective will change to “Find the messenger”. He’s not far. When you use assassin focus, you will see him outside in the inner courtyard. As you get closer, the messenger will start walking and you have to follow him without being seen. 

He will lead you to the Shurta Headquarters in the east of the Round City.

Shurta Headquarters on the map | camzillasmomcom

The Shurta Headquarters is a restricted area. Let’s find some access points. The whole roof is protected with spiked fencing. But there is one section at the south side that is not. It even has an elevator rope up to the third floor.

Elevator highlighted | camzillasmomcom

From there you can get to the eastern building wall to get inside through a balcony. There are guards on the other side of the road who will spot you if you’re not careful.

As soon as you’re inside, there are the wood beams on the ceilings that stand out and certainly are useful to an assassin to quietly find his way through the building. The Governor’s office is on the second floor but it’s locked. Use Assassin focus to look for the key. There is a guard carrying it on the ground floor. Get the key, go back to the office, unlock it, and enter. There are four documents highlighted to read in bright orange when you use Assassin focus.

The guard with the key highlighted | camzillasmomcom

As soon as you’re finished investigating the documents, Muhammad will enter the office. After the conversation, he will alert the guards and you have to flee the Shurta as a wanted man with a full wanted bar.


For this quest, we’ll have to find the head of the harem Qabiha in the Round City. As you get close enough, your map maker will disappear and you have to use Eagle Vision to identify a door at the Harem, where you can enter.

The map screenshot below shows the correct location.

Entrance door to the Harem | camzillasmomcom

The door is a no-go for now. But there is another opportunity just under the green roof around the corner. Open your assassin focus and you will see an eavesdropping opportunity. Just sit down at the nearby bench and start the activity.

Eavesdropping the women | camzillasmomcom

You are now getting three additional objective markers on the map and also the task to wear an Eunuch’s tunic to get into the Harem. Use Eagle Vision and your map will look like the screenshot below. There are three opportunities to get an Eunugh’s tunic. You can either take it by force from another Eunuch or you can get one that was just freshly tailored.

Three Eunuch | camzillasmomcom's tunics location on the map

As soon as you obtain the tunic, don’t forget to put it on in the Costume section of the game menu.

You can now go back to the Harem and enter through the highlighted door. After the cutscene, activate the assassin focus and interact with the orange-glowing locked door. This will trigger another cutscene with Makira, the woman who helped you get inside. She wants you to find her Eye makeup and a magic potion in exchange for the office key.

You can see the two objects with assassin focus. The makeup has a diamond shape and the potion is a stealing hand.

The two items to steal hightlighted | camzillasmomcom

The Eye makeup is in a storage room. You can enter this room freely from the inner courtyard. Inside, you have to push away a movable shelf to be able to pick up the makeup.

For the magic potion, find the person carrying it and steal it with pickpocketing. Now head back to Makira and give her the items in exchange for the key. But no, she first wants you to get a book now! Look for the staircase and take it up to the second floor. This is a restricted area.

The second floor restricted area | camzillasmomcom

The book is inside a room with a barred door on the second floor. To get inside, get to the back of the room by using the wooden beams. There is an open window where you can enter the room. You can easily see and collect the book with an assassin focus. Take the book back to a highlighted bed in Makira’s room on the ground floor. Now you can go talk to Makira again.

The beams to climb to get to the back window | camzillasmomcom

Now Makira wants you to return the potion. The person is highlighted with an orange hand symbol. Return it with a pickpocket activity.

She will finally give you the key and you can enter the locked room. There are again four highlighted items in this room that you need to interact with. After you’ve seen it all, exit the room. You’ll find out that Makira was toying with you and her mistress is the Head of the Order.

Highlighted objects in the office | camzillasmomcom

This will close the case and you head back to Roshan to report your findings. She’s waiting not far away on the rooftops of the Round City. Follow the map marker.


Investigation Text
“Head of the Order of the Ancients, Qabiha has fled her rooms at the Harem and hidden herself within the Caliphal Palace. The grounds are likely to be well-guarded, given how the last Caliph met his end. Yet there may be a select few on the premises that Qabiha would trust with her secrets.”

Qabiha assassination briefing details | camzillasmomcom

Here we are to find the head of the snake, Qabiha. She’s the leader of the order and hiding in the palace in the center of the Round City. Open Eagle Vision to identify three opportunities in and around the palace. One of them is that Ali’s group of rebels have arrived a the front gates. Talk to the leader and he will ask you to unbar the gates so they can attack.

When you now follow the palace walls to the north, you will find a Secret Entrance – a crack in the wall. As soon as you enter the palace grounds, be aware that all enemy forces are on high alert.

Secret Entrance location on the map | camzillasmomcom

The Secret Entrance will take you to the western garden of the palace. Here in the garden near the fountain is another opportunity. A person inside a building adjacent to the garden. There is a group of guards at the entrance, but they can be distracted by the musician in the garden.

Highlighted musician | camzillasmomcom

Enter the house and talk to the highlighted person. It’s a servant who will give you the master key for a bribe – one of the Merchant Favour Tokens.

Now I’m heading to the front door. It is protected by a group of guards and two wooden locks. Unbar the front gate and let Ali’s men in. They will fight their way to the palace gate, where they will wait again for you to let them in.

Palace front entrance | camzillasmomcom

The last and third opportunity in the garden is trapped wild animals on the northeast side. Release them by throwing a knife at their door to cause a distraction.

Wild Animals location | camzillasmomcom

Back at the servant who wants a token for the key. You can unbar the doors at the back of the room to try your luck without his key.

Just from the Eunuch’s room, exit to the inner garden and you can climb one level up. There is plenty of high grass and flowers up there on the second level of the garden.

Second floor in the garden | camzillasmomcom

Up here you’re basically invited to climb a scaffolding to the roof.

Scaffolding to the roof | camzillasmomcom

Here at the top, there is a Secret Entrance into the center dome of the palace. In Assassin focus, look for the big oil jars. The entrance is nearby.

Top roof secret entrance | camzillasmomcom

From the top, perform a leap of faith right into the pool of the entrance hall of the palace. As soon as you are in the pool, the nearby soldiers will run off to defend the gate in the same room against Ali’s men. They will turn their backs on you and won’t see you.

Take care of the men, unbar the door, and let Ali’s men in.

Fight with them and loot the soldiers. One of them carries a key. Use this key to unlock two doors in this same entrance hall. Go through one of these doors and you will see an orange glowing door downstairs.

Qabiha | camzillasmomcom's hiding place

The door is barred from the other side but now we know where Qabiha is. Go upstairs and turn right. There is an open window that leads to the locked room from above. As soon as you enter the room a cutscene will be played. Qabiha is not there but her son is.

He will tell you that the library leads to Qabiha’s hidden room. The library is marked by a speech bubble on the map and the Hud. It’s some floors further up in the palace. Take the staircase up.

Staircase to the second floor | camzillasmomcom

The door to the library is locked and you need the key from the servant that we met earlier. He’s standing on the ground floor close to the palace entrance if you still want to buy the key. But there is another way.

Unbar the nearby door and follow it to another barred door that you can unbar to get to an outside area with a fountain.

Outside garden with fountain | camzillasmomcom

Exit and stick to the right outside wall and parkour to a balcony around the building. In these chambers, there is not only the Lost Book collectible, but also the key on a table next to a barred door.

Master key on the table | camzillasmomcom

Return to the library door, unlock it, and enter. The quest marker points to a book that you can collect. As you look up in the room, you will see highlighted symbols and four empty bookstands upstairs.

Symbol puzzle | camzillasmomcom

There are three bookstands where you can see the symbol straight ahead. Place those books with those symbols: Ocean – Blue Book, Desert – Yellow Book, Dove – White Book. The black book goes onto the last stand, where you only see an archway.

Dove symbol and the bookstand | camzillasmomcom

This will open up a secret passage with a ladder going down. Follow it and chase Qabiha down to the bath to start the cutscene.

With the Head of the Order dead, you have to escape the Palace and meet your friend Nehal at the hideout where it all began. Here you’ll find out the rest of Basim’s story and why he turned out the way he was in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.