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Racine District: How to Find All of Riddler’s Riddles, Trophies, Challenges – Suicide Squad Video Game

In the latest video game release from developer Rocksteady Studios – Suicide Squad, players embark on a quest to solve Riddler’s Riddles, collect Trophies, and conquer challenges throughout Gotham City. This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough of the Racine District, offering locations and solutions for all Riddler’s Riddles and Trophies in the game.

Racine Overview Map

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R: Riddler Riddles – C: Riddler Challenges – T: Riddler Trophies

Solving The Riddler’s Racine District Riddles

To begin, the Riddler introduces himself early on and explains that he has hidden Riddles throughout the city. The Suicide Squad must scan a large head in the sky to progress. Additional Riddles are revealed when crossing districts or by accessing the in-game map menu. Simply push down the left stick on a controller in the in-game map to listen to the Riddles in a district.

Once the location of a Riddle is discovered, players must scan it by pressing the “up” button on the controller. Keep the location centered on the screen until a confirmation or a “Scan: No subject detected message” is received. With this guide, you won’t encounter the “No subject detected” message in the Racine District.

Let’s dive into the specific Riddles and Trophies in the Racine District

Within: League Silver Smirks…

The second Riddle of the Riddler in the Racine District goes as follows:
“Within: League statues, silver smirks. Without: These golden Waterworks.”

The second Riddle guides players to the Hall of Justice, where statues of heroes can be found. For the “Without” part of the Riddle, examine the dry fountain in front of the Hall of Justice.

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A Venue Fit for Ancient Greece…

In the first Riddle, the hint is as follows:
“A venue fit for ancient Greece, watch thrilling tales of war and peace.”

The first Racine Riddler’s Riddle refers to a Greek theater. Explore the area near the Hall of Justice in the northeast, close to the water.

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With Claws Beneath and Sea Ahead…

The third and last Riddle in Racine District is as follows:
“With claws beneath and sea ahead, a cold box for Gotham’s swimming dead.”

The third and final Riddle in the Racine District leads players to the container yard in the northeast, bordering the Midtown District. Look for a container with icicles and scan it at its side to uncover the solution.

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Succeeding at the Challenges

The Challenges are always a traversal parcours where you have to run, jump, fall, or traverse through the ring with a question mark until you reach the finish line ring. Do this as fast as possible to get the top reward and three stars. To get the challenge ticked off on the map, it is enough to reach one star.

Keep in mind, that not all challenges are available at the start of the game. Riddler will add more and more when you advance in the story.

“Downtown Traffic” Challenge

The Downtown Traffic Challenge is on top of the water tower northwest of the Hall of Justice and is the first challenge you get to do. Manage the parkour in 30 seconds to get three stars.

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“Above Your League” Challenge

The Above Your League Challenge will appear after you kill the Justice League towards the end of the game. It is in the south of the Hall of Justice. Manage the parkour in 25 seconds for three stars, recommended: King Shark

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Finding Riddler’s Trophies

In addition to the Riddles, there are four hidden Riddler’s Trophies in the Racine District. These green question mark trophies are well-hidden but emit a bright glow. Here are their locations:

Hall of Justice Roof

Climb to the roof of the Hall of Justice in the southeast corner of the Racine District. The Trophy is stuck on the southeastern balcony wall.

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Hall of Justice Courtyard

After exiting the Hall of Justice, cross the main road to the north and search behind a yellow bakery sales trailer.

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The Watertower

Find the Watertower north of the Hall of Justice. The Trophy hangs halfway up on the north side of the tower.

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The Balcony

Look for the Trophy on a small balcony west of the Hall of Justice, right by the main road.

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Walkthrough Video – All Riddles in the Racine District

Release: February 2nd, 2024
Developer: Rocksteady Studios
Publisher: Warner Brothers Games
Official Website: