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All Wealth Collectibles Map

1 – Duntulm Camp – Gear – Hero’s Sword

Duntulm Camp is a big hostile camp in the north eastern tip of the island. The chest is at ground floor of the round tower in the center of the camp and it needs to keys to open.

Scan the area to find the keys. One key is carried by a bandit inside a round house near the tower. There is an open window you can get through to retrieve the key.
The second key is at beach level. There is a red tent in the northern part of the camp. The entrance is barricaded but you can sneak inside through a hole in the back.

If you’re uncertain, you can watch the video below.

Duntulm Camp Wealth Collectible location

2 – Hungladder – Tungsten Ore

South of Hungladder is a little cave or mine. At the bottom of it is a stone wall that needs an oil flask to be able to go through. Have you noticed the wooden, destructible wall when you came in? It’s at the top level of this cave. Destroy the wall and you’ll find an oil flask to get to the Tungsten Ore. Just throw it down from where the ladder goes down.

3 – Camp Quiraing – Tungsten Ingot

Camp Quiraing is in the north eastern part of the Isle of Skye. It’s a hostile camp. The chest with the Tungsten Ingot is in the big red tent. Unfortunately it’s behind bars and you can’t reach it when coming through the main entrance. Notice the little wooden box inside the tent opening on the other side of the bars? 

Go out, around the tent, smash that box and you can get inside to claim the Tungsten Ingot.

4 – Arnish Deadlock – Tungsten Ingot

Arnish Deadlock is on the big Island in the south eastern part of Isle of Skye. It’s a hostile camp again. The chest is inside one of the unlocked houses.

5 – Kiltaraglen – Tungsten Ingot

In the south east of the town part of Kiltaraglen is a house that you can only enter when you move away a stone shelf at the back. The chest is inside the house. Just smash all the wooden boxes and you’ll find it inside a hole in the ground.

The key for it is outside the house hanging on the tree. No luck using a horse, but you can move the stone shelf in position to climb on top and get the key to open the chest.

6 – Iron-Brew Mines – Tungsten Ingot

Again a hostile camp, Iron-Brew Mines is at the southern coast of Isle of Skye. The chest you’re looking for is on a platform high up on the tree. Use the crane to climb to it. Then you only have to smash the wooden boxes to open the chest.

7 – Isay Bandit Camp – Tungsten Ingot

There is a bandit camp on the island  off the western coast of Isle of Skye. Behind the white tent at the top of the camp is a stone floor that can be blown up with an oil flask. 

You’ll find the oil flask at the base of the camp near the waterside. Just carry it up to the stone floor, destroy it and open the chest.

8 – Dunvegan Village – Tungsten Ingot

South east of Dunvegan Village is a farm house with a key locked door. If you scan for the key, it is not nearby but you can send up your raven.

The key is at the destroyed tower in the north east. It’s on the second floor. Be careful though, there are wolves.

9 – Dun Ardtreck – Gear – Spear of Leonidas

In the south west of Isle of Skye is the hostile Dun Ardtreck Camp. The chest with the spear is inside the biggest house in camp but the chest needs a key. The bandit with the biggest spear in camp carries the key.

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