All Mysteries at Isle of Skye

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Assassins’ Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök

1 – Fairy Glen – Standing Stones

It is part of the story walkthrough to visit and solve the Standing Stones at Fairy Glen in the north of Isle of Skye. It is fairly easy to solve this. Just look for a Stone Shelf you can move. Move it as much as you can and climb on top of it. You will already zoom in when you get on top. All you need to do is adjust a little. Find the complete walkthrough in the video below if you’re uncertain how to do it.

Standing Stones location at Fairy Glen.

2 – Dunvegan Village – World Event – “The Drink of the Pikts”

There is a Brewer at Dunvegan Village, who seems to need Eivor’s help. But he won’t give any clues.

Nearby is a house with a barred door. Walk around it and you will see that there is a window you can smash to get inside. On the table is a recipe for a brew that requires 2 Barley, 1 Wheat and 1 Firefly.

One bag of barley is right outside leaning on the house you got the recipe from.
The second bag of barley is in the west of the building in the shed near the aggressive pigs.

For the Wheat and the Firefly, it needs to be night time. Meditate if necessary. You can then catch a firefly in the field and pick up a bushel of Wheat.

Take everything to the Brewer to finish the World Event. – See the video below if you’re struggling.

World Event Location at Dunvegan Village

3 – Neist Point – World Event – “Haunting of Neist Point”

When you enter Neist Point in the western part of Isle of Skye, you will hear a ghostly voice. The goal is to find the ghost.

He’s in the tower. Unfortunately, the entrance is blocked by a destroyable stone wall. For the oil flask, look for a small brown shed closer to the water. You can destroy its walls and there is an oil flask. 
Carry it to the stone wall, blow open the entrance and take the ladder to the next floor. Here, you can shoot at some ceiling boards. Then climb upstairs and talk to the man. 

The video is below if you’re struggling.

Neist Point World Event Location
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