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Assassins’ Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök

1 – Excavation Site – Treasure Hoard Map

The Excavation Site is in the North West of the Isle of Skye. It’s a hostile area. The Treasure Hoard map is in the North East of the Excavation Site, behind a stone floor that can be destroyed with an Oil Flask.

There is a note in another building of the Excavation Site, that says that the worker that was supposed to deliver the oil flasks ran into trouble at the south east road. If you go back the only road that leads to the Excavation site, you will find an oil flask. Carry it back to the stone floor, use it to destroy it and loot the Skye Hoard Map.

The map is in fact a map and shows this:

Skye Hoard Map

The map leads to a lake with a rock in it. There are two lakes with a rock at the Isle of Skye. The one you’re looking for is in the south west of the island. The Treasure Loot is at the base of the big rock inside the lake.  See the location screenshots below. There’s also a complete walkthrough video available.

2 – Dunvegan Village – Flying Paper

The Flying Paper starts at the east of Dunvegan Village and leads to the waterfront.
As always: You don’t have to do the parcour. You can walk on the ground floor to the end location, where possible.

3 – Cursed Church – Cursed Symbol

The Cursed Symbol is at the Cursed Church where Eivor meets Kassandra from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey the first time. Enter the church and look up. You can shoot down the chandelier to free the basement passage from the stone floor barricade.

Go down into the basement / crypt, where you will find another stone wall that needs an Oil Flask. In the same room is a stone shelf you can move. Move it away and a passage opens up to a small burial chamber with a trap. There is an oil flask at the end of the room. You can easily cross the trap, get the oil flask and go back to the stone wall. After the stone wall is destroyed, you can shoot the Cursed Symbol. You can also watch the walkthrough in the video below.

Cursed Church Cursed Object

4 – Tobhta – Flying Paper

The starting point of the Flying Paper at Tobhta is on top of a house. It will fly to the east towards the river and behind the rock island.

5 – Kiltaraglen – Flying Paper

The starting point for the Flying Paper at Kiltaraglen is right by the Longhouse. You can run all the way on the ground floor if you don’t like the parcouring.

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