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Chapter 7: The Lost Legacy Part 1 - Treasure Locations - Uncharted The Lost Legacy

42 - Lakshmi Marriage Ornament

After jumping to the ledge with the little waterfalls, as Nadine mentions it, follow the path inside. There is a little gap in the wall to the right, where you can spot the treasure inside a little room. Exit on the other side and jump on the ledge to the right to get inside this little room.

43 - Hanuman Brass Bell

After climing up to the city, Nadine says something like "This is getting more and more spectacular". They are in an area with a tree in the center, right in front of the main entrance. The treasure is behind that tree.

44 - Enameled Betel Box

Climbed inside the main building, where those two thugs are that blow up the entrance. In the top left corner of the pool side, where the big tree is growing, there's the treasure.

45 - Jeweled Pipe Mouthpiece

After diving through the passage, you end up in a room with a pig pool, stairs to the right. There is a small passage in the water to the left behind that stone to the left. It is a dead end, but the treasure is there, under water.

46 - Handcarved Sheesham Breadbox

At the library. The treasure is inside an alcove.

47 - Silver Comb Perfume Flask

Also at the library. On the floor in one of the shelf corners.

48 - Bronze Deccan Incense

After the library, you get to an area with a big pool underneath. Jump down and swim to the left corner. The treasure is there, under water.

49 - Satavahana Hourglass

After diving through the passage with the big root, don't climb up the stone pillar just yet. Go to the dead end with the greenery.

50 - Chalukya Griffin Candlestick

After the "tight squeeze", you get to swing over to an area that looks like a pretty swimming pool. The treasure is in the far left corner.

51 - Bronze Medallion Flask

After diving through the swimming pool, you get to a new astonishing area. Go to the far left. There's a big rock in the water. Right behind it, under water, there's the treasure.

52 - Bichwa Dagger

At water level, when looking at the big statue, there's some animal head. The treasure is right underneath it.

53 - Jadeite Bottle

Still at the amazing structure, this huge statue, go to the far right from the water side. There's a dead end with a treasure.

54 - Harappan Ivory Dice

When jumping over to get to the first wheel to move Shivas first hand, don't go up the stairs yet. Climb up to a small garden underneath the wheel.

55 - Ivory Chess Pieces

After moving Shiva's hand with the first wheel, cross it, jump over to the other hand to the left to the second wheel. The treasure is on the balcony below the wheel. You can climb down.

56 - Gold Chola Earrings

Going to the wheel to the left (where Shiva holds the axe). There you can climb up to a green patch. Go all around to the end to pick up the treasure.

57 - Bridal Maang Tikka

At the hands of Shiva, go over the hand you moved with the wheel. Cross the hand, go to the right. Climb into the round area, that is over the animal head. Cross it to the other side. Jump over to the other structure, climb up and hang on the ledge to go up. The treasure is there.

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