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Spooky Trails | All Collectible Chests, Weapons Chests and Secret Chapter Locations | Part 2

27 - Calavera - 3DModel 29
( Video Time 17:27 )

This chest is not far from the previous one.

28 - Slippery World - Tarot 21
( Video Time 17:37 )

Now go to the other side, the second side entrance. Next to the plant square, there's a silver chest.

29 - Spooky Village - Soundtrack 25
( Video Time 18:00 )

Not far from the previous one.

30 - Weapon: Hydrant Hammer - Mario Secondary
( Video Time 18:08 )

Next go through the big plant gate. There is a Blue Cannon Challenge to take next.

4 - Slime Swamp
(In order as they appear)

31 - Spooky Buckler 3DModel 32
( Video Time 19:25 )

Don't continue the path to the colour labyrinth yet. Go to the right, up the wooden path and SMASH! a couple of blocks to be able to go right to the chest next to a cannon.

32 - Spooky Skirmish - Soundtrack 26
( Video Time 19:49 )

Don't take the cannon. Go back until you get to the coloured labyrinth wheel. Take the blue one to the left.

33 - Opera Theatre - Artwork 21
( Video Time 20:29 )

Use the cannon to get to the Secret Chapter. Cross the first battle area and head to the right. SMASH! the boxes until you find a chest. Then hit the grey button to cross over again.

34 - 5 Power Orbs
( Video Time 21:31 )

Go through to the next area by opening your paths with the blue buttons. On the other side, SMASH! the pipe entrance. Don't go through. Go to the left and find the statue by SMASH!ing the boxes. Take the statue back to the pedestal. That'll open the path to the second battle. Cross the battlefield.
Hit the blue button - that will open the blue wall at the pedestal - and go through the other pipe to pick up the chest on the other side.

35 - 20 Power Orbs
( Video Time 24:00 )

Go back through the pipe, where the blue button is. Make sure, the block next to it is UP. Cross the battlefield and go to the area where you moved the block around. The wall around the second pipe should be down now. Go through it.

36 - Phantom - 3DModel 33
( Video Time 24:44 )

Next to the previous one.

Time to exit the secret chapter. Go back to the colour labyrinth selection button.

37 - The Spooky Swamp - Artwork 18
( Video Time 24:52 )

Next we go right. You need the yellow labyrinth to cross to the right. Then move the block onto the blue square. Go around the little island (the walkway appears from nowhere as you go along) to get to the chest.

5 - Thorny Vale
(In order as they appear)

38 - Love on the Rocks - Tarot 6
(Video Time 26:35 )

Back at the labyrinth colour selection, choose green at the top so you can continue with the story. After the fights you end up at the start of the Thorny Vale. Right in the left corner is a chest.

39 - Got Spirit - Tarot 16
( Video Time 28:02 )

Next is the labyrinth with the walls that keep coming up. Solve the statue puzzles so that you can reach the top left corner of the labyrinth.

40 - 5 Power Orbs
(Video Time 28:24 )

There is a chest in the center of the labyrinth. High up. You'll need to walk those appearing walls to get there.

41 - 10 Power Orbs
( Video Time 28:50 )

Also at the far center back of this labyrinth there are a couple of blocks to SMASH! When you did, you'll see that you can move one block so the door opens. Walk inside and go over the gap. A walkway will appear so you can cross to the other side and take the pipe up. Now you can get the statue off the appearing walls. Take it back to the pedestal and go get chest 1 of 2.

42 - Rabbid Yoshi - 3DModel 30
( Video Time 30:21 )

Next to the previous chest

43 - Spooky Valkyrie - Artwork 19
( Video Time 30:28 )

Finally, we're leaving this labyrinth and continue the story path. Close to the Challenge 8 Rabbid, there is an area that you have to SMASH! open to get to 1 of 2 chests

44 - 5 Power Orbs
( Video Time 31:25 )

Next to the previous chest

45 - Abbey Ruins - Soundtrack 27
( Video Time 31:29 )

Continue the story path, cross the Challenge 8 battle area. In the next area, use the cannon in the center to get to this chest.

46 - Spooky Valkyrie - 3DModel 31
( Video Time 32:00 )

Continue the story path and go to the start of the next battle area. Keep left. There is a path up, where you have to SMASH! your way through to get to the chest.

47 - Weapon: Brünnehilde - Peach - Secondary
( Video Time 32:21 )

Continue the story path and cross the battle areas. After Challenge 9, in the pumpkin square, there's a Red Ring Challenge to take.

48 - The Nerd - Tarot 12
( Video Time 33:23 )

Continue the story path. Right where Chapter 8 starts, go to the bottom right corner.

49 - Eerie Little Square - Artwork 20
( Video Time 33:38 )

In the same area, there is a statue you can pick up. Take the pipe nearby and put the statue on the pedestal.

50 - 10 Power Orbs
( Video Time 34:06 )

Continue to the battle. Passed Challenge 10 you get to the big clock mirror puzzle. Go left, move the block away from the pipe and slide down.

51 - Lost in the Swamp - Soundtrack 28
( Video Time 35:10 )

Go back up the pipe and further towards the puzzle. The chest is there in the open.

52 - Weapon: Bozo Boom - Rabbid Yoshi Secondary
( Video Time 35:26 )

After solving the puzzle you can walk down a long path. At the bottom, there is a Blue Cannon Challenge to take.

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