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Spooky Trails | All Collectible Chests, Weapons Chests and Secret Chapter Locations | Part 1

2 - Spooky Square
(In order as they appear)

1 - Porcelain Vacation - Tarot 9
( Video Time 00:11 )

Starting off at the square, I follow the story path. The purple gates opened first. So I'm heading there and go to the right side gate. There is the first chest standing in the open.

2 - Spooky Supporter - 3DModel 25
( Video Time 00:30 )

Already done here. Head over to the other side. There is a pipe to the right, where a Rabbid is stuck in a chimney. Take the pipe to the other side.

3 - Spooky Ziggy - Artwork 15
( Video Time 00:59 )

Take the pipes back again and go deeper into this area. There is a treasure next to the path up.

4 - Spooky Ziggy - 3DModel 24
( Video Time 01:23 )

Now take those stairs up. There is a chest straight ahead.

5 - Hot Start, Cold Finish - Soundtrack 21
( Video Time 01:36 )

There is another path going off from the road where the last chest was. Take it. There's another one.

6 - Weapon: Thorn Scorn - Mario Primary
( Video Time 01:47 )

All done in those side areas, go through the big gate and up the stairs. There is a pipe to the left. Take it and do the Red Ring Challenge. Get all 8 Red Coins.

7 - 20 Power Orbs
( Video Time 03:18 )

Next, also up the pipe, you need to MOVE! the boxes. But imagine there being a mirror in the middle. Mirror the boxes to the Stone Blocks on the other side.

8 - I See London - Tarot 2
( Video Time 04:09 )

Follow the story path, pass the first battle ground and you'll see a blue pedestal. Go through the pipe to get the statue, put it on the pedestal and take the cannon to get to the chest.

9 - 10 Power Orbs
( Video Time 05:32 )

Take the cannon and another one where you land.

10 - Cold Start, Hot Finish - Soundtrack 22
( Video Time 05:54 )

Take the cannon to get back on the story path. But don't advance. Go back until you get to the statues. There's a chest.

11 - Chemical Imbalance - Tarot 14
( Video Time 06:29 )

Now continue the story path again and pick up the chest between the last chest and the cannon landing spot, if you haven't done so yet.

12 - Swamp House - Artwork 16
( Video Time 06:57 )

Back at Spooky Square with the Grammophone Pedestal in your back, go to the right (the second gate you opened in the story). Take the left side path and pick up the chest on the graveyard.

13 - 10 Power Orbs
( Video Time 07:19 )

No go take the other side path, MOVE! away the block from in front of the pipe. There is a closed cannon on the other side. To unlock it, take the other pipe from the area, where you pushed the block away and push the red button. This unlocks the cannon. Take the cannon. It will shoot you to the yellow blocked door area on the other side.

14 - In the Cold of the Battle - Soundtrack 23
( Video Time 08:49 )

You end up at the first side path again. Go back to the second one. Either by pipe or open the yellow door. Then go up the stairs. The chest is in the far left corner.

3 - Underwater Village
(In order as they appear)

15 - Needs Aloe - Tarot 19
( Video Time 09:14 )

Go through the main gate now to where the well is. The chest is here, behind the house.

16 - Monday Tarot 22
( Video Time 09:48 )

Also in this area, you can SMASH! (Ability you get after finishing World 3) two blocks to get to a cannon. Take it.

17 - Spooky Peek-a-boo - 3DModel 26
( Video Time 10:14 )

This is the chest you get from Toadette for finding Toad.

18 - Spooky Hopper - 3DModel 27
( Video Time 10:47 )

After the Toadette Chest (Next to Challenge 4) go down the path behind the chest. Behind the big spiked bomb you can SMASH! some stones and go through the pipe.

19 - Weapon: Crosshead Orb - Rabbid Luigi Primary
( Video Time 11:11 )

Take the cannon back. But it will shoot you quite a bit ahead. Go back the way. Just before you get to Challenge 4 (Where Toadette dropped the chest) there is a Blue Cannon Challenge to take.

20 - Icicle Golems Theme - Soundtrack 24
( Video Time 12:05 )

Continue the path, pass the coloured floor puzzle, the battleground, until you get to the block moving laser beam puzzle. There is a block to SMASH! In front of a pipe.

21 - Odd Fountain - Artwork 17
( Video Time 12:54 )

Continue the story path, passed the battle ground with Challenge 5. Behind the fortune teller hut, there's a chest.

22 - Spooky Smasher - 3DModel 28
( Video Time 13:40 )

Continue to follow the path. In the next area there's a healing mushroom. The chest is behind it.

23 - 20 Power Orbs
( Video Time 13:52 )

In the same area, you can take a pipe where you can SMASH! a lot of blocks. Do so until you find the blue button to push. Then take the pipe that just opened.

24 - Weapon: No Pity Kitty - Rabbid Peach Primary
( Video Time 14:39 )

Continue till you get to the square, where you pick up the Ghost for the silver pedestal. Take the Red Ring Challenge.

25 - Wheel of Fatality - Tarot 10
( Video Time 16:10 )

Continue the story path by going through the big gate. When you get to the pipe, go up, MOVE! the block down onto the button and go down the pipe again to get the chest.

26 - 5 Power Orbs
( Video Time 16:48 )

Now go back to the Spooky Square, placing the Ghost on the pedestral, the Plant Gate opens. Take the side gate to the left. Go down. At the right, there is an alley with a statue. Put it on the Red Pedestal.

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