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Sherbet Desert | All Collectible Chests, Weapons Chests and Secret Chapter Locations | Part 2

3 - Plateau Point
(In order as they appear)

24 - Prickly Persuader - Rabbid Mario Primary
(Video Time 15:09 )

Now we're going to Plateau Point. That's the area with the sandstorm. Go over the wooden bridge path and take the Red Ring Challenge. Collect 8 Red Coins to get the chest.

25 - 10 Power Orbs
( Video Time 16:27 )

After the Red Ring Challenge, go up to the Red-Blue-Green Cubes Area. This is a timed challenge. Hit the Red Button and go hit the other ones before time runs out to get to the chest.

26 - Archaeo Details - Artwork 11
( Video Time 17:02 )

In the same area go to the south over the wooden bridge. There is a chest standing in the open.

27 - Thunderceptor - Rabbid Luigi Secondary
( Video Time 17:17 )

Close to the previous chest, there is a yellow button. Hit it. It will open the path to the Blue Cannon Challenge. Head over and take it.

28 - 5 Power Orbs
( Video Time 18:22 )

Now go back where the Plateau Point started. There are two empty grey pedestrals that need to be filled. One is nearby, the other one close to where the blue cannon challenge was. Put them on the pedestrals and push the box onto the yellow square to get the first chest.

29 - Tower's Theme 2 - Soundtrack 16
( Video Time 19:40 )

Now move the box again. Away from the yellow square to the blue square.

30 - Peach - 3DModel 22
( Video Time 20:18 )

Move the box again. From the blue square to the red square. Then use the pipe that opened up.

31 - In the Heat of the Battle - Soundtrack 20
( Video Time 20:51 )

Go through the next pipe and get to the Entrance of the Hidden Chapter. Take the cannon and go down. The next chest is right to the left.

32 - The Giant Fridge - Artwork 14
( Video Time 21:20 )

After the battles, you end up next to an empty green pedestral. Go back through the battle grounds. The statue for it is next to the battle entrance. Put it on the pedestral to get access to the two chests.

33 - 20 Power Orbs
( Video Time 22:09 )

The chest next to the previous.

34 - Sandy - 3DModel 19
( Video Time 22:16 )

Continue the story path until you get to the big yellow-green-blue puzzle in the center. When entering the area, keep left. The chest is behind the stone wall. The coin gives it away.

35 - Blizzy - 3DModel 18
(Video Time 22:48 )

At the back of the puzzle area, you can get the pipe up to a chest.

36 - Giant Skelleton - Artwork 13
( Video Time 23:00 )

Continue the story path. Under the peeing Rabbid, cross the battlegrounds with Challenge 8 and go through the pipe at the end to get to the next chest.

37 - A Song of Ice and Desert - Soundtrack 18
( Video Time 23:45 )

Next to the previous chest on the other side.

38 - Sherbet Buckler - 3DModel 21
( Video Time 23:54 )

Here's also a blue pedestral that is waiting for a statue. Go through the other pipe (not the one you came from). There's a statue on the other side. Take it to the pedestral to get to the chest.

39 - Rabbid Kong's Theme - Soundtrack 17
(Video Time 24:23 )

Now follow the path. The next chest is behind the stonewall where the statue was.

5 - Sherbet Mountain Summit
(In order as they appear)

40 - Special Delivery - Rabbid Mario Secondary
( Video Time 24:44 )

Continue the path and take the cannon to the icy area. Right at the start there is a Red Ring Challenge to take. Pick up all 8 red coins before time is running out.

41 - Rabbid Mario - 3DModel 20
( Video Time 25:56 )

After the first battle in this area (Challenge 10). Push the block to the blue square. The red button is down the path, where the chest is.

42 - 20 Power Orbs
( Video Time 27:13 )

After the the second fight. Move the boxes so they match the pattern of the Ice blocks down the path.

43 - Ice of Sherbet Desert - Soundtrack 19
( Video Time 28:47 )

Slide down the next pipe. The chest is right behind where you come out.

44 - 5 Power Orbs
( Video Time 28:59 )

Continue to follow the path. Take the cannon and solve the MOVE! riddle to open the door. When you get to the pipe, the chest is blinking down there...

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