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Sherbet Desert | All Collectible Chests, Weapons Chests and Secret Chapter Locations | Part 1

1 - Hot N'Cold Commons
(In order as they appear)

1 - 5 Power Orbs
( Video Time 00:07 )

At the start, go to the top right corner of the area.

2 - Banzai Bill - Artwork #2
( Video Time 00:15)

Also in the start area, go around the ice next to the big gate (where the wall was destroyed by the big marble in the story)

3 - Mystic Battle - Soundtrack #10
( Video Time 00:32 )

Go straight on, follow the story path. Between Challenge 1 and two there is a path going up with a red pedestal. You'll need the LIFT! ability for this. Get it after finishing the Sherbet Desert Story.
The statue to put here is past the Challenge 2 battlefield, up the way. Behind the first rock pile you see. Put it on the pedestal and use the cannon.

4 - Wrecking Smasher - Artwork 9
( Video Time 01:49 )

Also in this area, further back, is chest 1 of 2

5 - Sherbet Smasher - 3DModel 16
( Video Time 02:01 )

Right next to Chest 4.

Before you leave, you can push those blocks to open up another path. But take the cannon back when you're finished...

6 - The Midboss Theme - Soundtrack 11
( Video Time 02:06 )

Now continue the path again, go past Challenge 2 and get that chest that is in front of the statue, that you picked up earlier - if you haven't done so already.

7 - 5 Power Orbs
( Video Time 02:37 )

Continue with the story path. Next area hast a snowy patch with a block and a green button. Push it and move the block. Push the green button again and push the block towards the reappeared green block. Then you can push the block onto the blue moon platform. The door opens and you can reach the chest.

8 - Sherbet Ziggy - 3DModel 14
( Video Time 03:14 )

Now go up the story path. There is a chest to the left.

9 - Sherbet Hopper - 3DModel 15
( Video Time 03:29 )

In the story you MOVE!d those two blocks to open the path up. Go up that path and keep left. There is a cave where you have to MOVE! another block to get to the chest.

10 - Bwahnzai Bill - Mario Primary
( Video Time 04:06 )

Outside of the cave, there is a Red Ring Challenge. Collect the 8 coins to get a new weapon.

11 - Blastberry Swirl - Rabbid Luigi Primary
( Video Time 04:48 )

Now, go down the path where the big marble rolled down in the story. There is a blue cannon timed challenge where it smashed into the wall at the bottom

12 - Hoppers - Soundtrack 12
( Video Time 05:44 )

Continue down the path that the big marble opened. Pass the Challenge 3 + 4 Battle Areas to the big stretch that leads to the Lazy River area. In the middle of this long stretched path, there is a turn to the left. The next chest awaits...

13 - Brute - Rabbid Peach Primary
( Video Time 06:40 )

Next to the previous chest, there is a blue cannon time challenge. Collect all 8 blue coins before time runs off.

2 - Lazy River
(In order as they appear)

14 - At the Towers Feet - Soundtrack 13
( Video Time 07:25 )

Now go over to the Lazy River area. To the place where they found Rabbid Mario in an ice cube. There is a wooden bridge with a chest on the other side. Not hard to miss...

15 - 10 Power Orbs
( Video Time 08:13 )

There is a pipe close to this chest. Take it and go to the 3 wooden boxes. Push them over the water to get a bridge. Grab the chest.

16 - 10 Power Orbs
( Video Time 09:00 )

Take the pipe that is close to the previous chest and push the button. This removes the wall on the other side of the river and you can pick up the statue. Take the pipe nearby that leads up and put the statue on the pedestral.

17 - 20 Power Orbs
( Video Time 09:26 )

Go back to the area where you found Rabbid Mario in a cube. Now solve this labyrinth by pushing the block onto the Red Square.

18 - Tower's Theme 1 - Soundtrack 14
( Video Time 10:39 )

Go all the way back to the big ice door, where you put in Rabbid Mario Ice cube. Pass the two battle areas. - Ignore the Red Pedestral on the way for now -  At the bottom right of the second battle ground, there is a chest and a statue.

19 - 5 Power Orbs
( Video Time 12:40 )

Go back to the Red Pedestral and put the statue on top. Go over and pick up 1 of 2 chests.

20 - Tower's Puzzle - Soundtrack 15
( Video Time 13:16 )

Next to the previous chest.

21 - Hieroglyphic - Artwork 12
( Video Time 13:23 )

While you're here, push down the block so you can pass to a different area of the desert. Since you're here, pick up the statue. There is a Red Pedestral at the far right. Put it on to get to the chest.

22 - Archaeo Site - Artwork 10
( Video Time 13:42 )

Go back the way you came from. Where you put the first statue on the pedestral to come here in the first place.

Follow the path passed the 2 battle grounds. To the left there is a big "POW" with two Rabbids stuck in the P. Here's some chest...

23 - Sherbet Supporter - 3DModel 17
( Video Time 14:30 )

Next, MOVE! around the two boxes, so one of them ends up on the blue moon square. Then you can access the chest around the corner.

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