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Seiryo High Mystery Research Club - School Stories Walkthrough

Step by Step, numbered


Amasawa wants to talk to you about the "Sugar Baby" case and what she knows so far about the "Professor".
She introduces you to the "School Diary" app that tracks your tasks at school.
There are 10 School Stories, one in a club each.
After the conversation, you get two new tasks:
- Investigate the Professor

This Story is locked now. Continue with the Dance Club Investigation.

After winning the regionals in the Dance Club, there is nothing you can do in this case until you are contacted by Amasawa at the start of Chapter 3, where she sends you to the Robotics Club.
After continuing the stories of the Dance Club and the Robotics Club, Amasawa will contact you at some stage to notice you about something on the School Courtyard Wall.
After spending some time with the Ijincho Hounds, you will be introduced to the Seiryo High e-Sports Club.
Continue to work in the clubs and you will be introduced to the Todoroki Boxing Gym Story.
Continue to work in the Robotics Club and you will be called back to the MRC to talk with Amasawa and Itokura.
Amasawa has collected new evidence:

Keep leveling up your school skills by investigating the already available clubs to get access to more clubs and more evidence.
The next clubs to be available are the Underground Casino and the Biker Gang: Made In Heaven.
Following Stories are short and can be finished before end of Chapter 4:

Most of the other stories take a break in Chapter 4 and can be resumed again at the beginning of Chapter 6.


Review the Cases with Amasawa

Go back to the MRC and talk to Amasawa.

Examine the Dance Club case

Who did Takanashi go through all that effort for?
Kotoko Itokura

Who is the identity of the DancingBunny?
Kaoru Komekado

Examine the Biker Gang case

What measures did the Professor take to lead Suou astray?
Letter From the Disciplinary Committee Suggestion Box

Which Made in Heaven member ended up being connected to the Neo Keihin Gang?
Dan Murasaki

Examine the Robotics Club case

Who is the thieving robot's designer?
Tetsuro Kurumazaki

What's a key piece of evidence that points towards the Professor's motive?
Professor's Order Notes

Examine the Boxing Gym case

Who was the Payback Boxer?
Kenya Oshikiri

What evidence explains Oshikiri's motive to be the Payback Boxer?
Fixed Match Evidence

Examine the Skaters case

Examine the Photography Club case

Examine the eSports Club case

Examine the Casino case

Examine the Girls' Bar case

What words did Koga say after his call with the Professor?
"That brat..."

Find and Track Down Kento-Kun

Call Detective Dog with your App. Walk towards the river.
Inside the building fight the Yakuza.

Back at MRC

What would've happened if the eight students stayed on their deliquent course?
They'd get caught and punished.

Those 8 students were all in the festival commitee.

The Professor's true identity is...
Kotoko Itokura

The Search for Itokura

Head to the Yamakawa Towels Building. It's in the south east of the map.
Fight the thugs.
Meet with Nishizono and Takanashi. They are in the west at Hyakkei Alley.
Climb up the builidng. Follow the marker. Get into the building through the window.

What proves Itokura was being coerced into acting as the Professor?
The Photo from the Hospital
Defeat Koga

Reward: Paint Seekers - You get to see all the Squirrels

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