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All Possible Choices with Consequences - Chapter 2

All Choices with Consequences
The choices you make and how they are shown at the end of the chapter.
Here, they are in the order of appearance in Chapter 2.


Location: The Black Lantern
Ryan: You're lying. In front of Gabe's own f***ing sister. Alex heard the whole thing.

A) Alex backed Ryan's claim at the wake.
B) Alex admitted she didn't hear Gabe's call


Play Foosball with Steph

A) Alex claimed the title of Foosball Champion.
B) Steph claimed the title of Foosball Champion.


Location: Home
Clean up the apartment

- clothes by the stairs
- dishes in the sink
- TV dinner behind the couch

A) Alex tidied up the apartment
B) Alex left the mess for later


Location: Rooftop
Sit on the chair from the evening with Gabe

A) Alex spent a moment thinking of Gabe.
B) Alex didn't sit at the table on the rooftop.


Location: The Black Lantern
Memory Table

A) Alex put the album on Gabe's memory table
B) Alex put the photograph on Gabe's memory table
C) Alex didn't add anything to the memory table


Location: The Black Lantern
Dart Board

A) Alex left the happy face on the dart board.
B) Alex made a sad face on the dart board.
C) Alex didn't look at the dart board.


Location: Haven Main Road
Nearby docks

A) Alex enjoyed a quiet moment on the dock.
B) Alex didn't sit on the edge of the dock


Location: Dispensary
Charlotte: What would you do? Do you think it would be a betrayal of Gabe?

A) Charlotte signed Typhon's agreement
B) Charlotte didn't take Typhon's money
C) Charlotte signed the agreement after Alex didn't visit her


Location: Haven Main Road
Nearby park Talk to the Birdwatcher.

A) Alex didn't help the Birdwatcher.
B) Alex helped the Birdwatcher find her hawk.


Location: Record Store
Hoodie Guy (owner of the lost dog)

A) Alex helped the Sad Dude find his dog
B) Alex didn't help the Sad Dude


Location: Record Store
Steph: So, what do you think? Who would the famous monster slayer have the most fun defeating?

A) Steph made Stormwrither the LARP boss
B) Steph made Cravius the LARP boss.
C) Alex didn't talk to Steph in the record store.


Location: Record Store
Comp Book

A) Alex chose to go by Alto in the LARP
B) Alex chose to go by Alexandra in the LARP
C) Ales chose to go by Alwynn in the LARP
D) Alex didn't look through Steph's comp book.


Location: Flower Shop
Alex: God. She doesn't remember.

A) Alex reminded Eleanor about what happened
B) Eleanor forgot about Gabe's death


Location: Haven Town
Alex: I think I can calm him down. But does he deserve it?

A) Alex calmed Mac down from his panic attack
B) Mac had to deal on his own.


Location: Ravine
Ryan: It doesn't matter. Gabe's dead. Because of me. Gabe... I'm so sorry.

A) Alex offered Gabe's forgiveness
B) Ryan was able to forgive himself
C) Ryan accepted Alex's forgiveness


Location: Ravine
Ryan: You're stuck with me now.

A) Ryan and Alex shook hands at the ravine.
B) Ryan and Alex shared a hug at the ravine

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