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Park County Police Station | Important Content and Puzzles

Park County Police Station

Follower | Officer Mike

Will selfie on the 2nd day

Soft Room | Mission Item: Karen's Doll

Give the doll to Karen at Kenny's House

Soft Room | Mission Item: Mr. Adams' Headshots

Talk to Mr. Adams
Do the quest to selfie

Break Room | Yaoi | Swept Away

At the white board

Male Toilet | Policemen's Toilet

2 Star Challenge

Female Toilet | Policewomen's Toilet

4 Star Challenge
Get in here by hitting the crack at the male's toilet.

Female Toilet | Costume: Yolanda Wig

On the sink

Female Toilet | Costume: Yolanda Dress

At the toilet

Female Toilet | Yolanda's Toilet

3 Star Challenge

Follower | Detective Murphy

Selfies at 2nd day

Follower | Sergeant Yates

Finish Side Mission Operation: Blind Justice to make a selfie

Recipe | Tantalum Accelerator

At the holding cells entrance. In the Police bag

Evidence Room | Blue Box
Artifact: Song of the Drunk Knight
Costume: Defender Mask

To get inside the Evidence room, go through the holding cells, exit to the left. There is a vent you can go through. Then move the ladder to get to the box.

Stair Case | Red Box
Recipe: Annihilation Overthruster

Red Box

He will selfie after finishing "The Headshot Job"
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