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Freeman's Tacos | Important Content and Puzzles

Freeman's Tacos
Pinwheel and CAF Box outside

Costume | Curly Sanchez

Shoot off the cactus' mustache with Snap N Pops

Follower | Morgan Freeman


Vendor | Recipe: Quesadilla Especial


Toilet | Yaoi | Can You Read My Mind?

At the toilet cabin

Toilet | Freeman's Toilet

4 star challenge

CAF Box on Roof | Recipes
Spiked Gloves
Spiked Headwear
Spiked Suit

Use Fartkour on the Pinwheel to get onto the roof

Vendor | Recipes
Chocolate Memberito
Taquito Grande

Later, on Wednesday:
Maximum Revive
Taco Supreme

Sold later in the story

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