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Craig's House | Important Content and Puzzles

Craig's House
Location of Story Mission: The Chains of Super Craig

Garage | Costume: Arachnix Headwear + Suit Recipe

Shoot the propane bottle on top of the fridge and aim fart at it to blow the fridge open. Pick up the bag.

Garage | Artifact: Flute of Prophecy

Timefart to get the propane bottle back onto the fridge. Now analyse and use Diabetes Rage so the bottle falls down. Pick it up and carry it to the crack to the right. Use Snap N Pops on the bottle and then aim fart to blow the crack.

Kitchen | Recipe: Revive Serum

Kitchen Cupboard

Bathroom | The Tucker's Toilet

2 star challenge

Follower | Tricia

She'll make a selfie after you collected some Yaoi for dad.

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